Extreme Cake Makers

The ‘in thing’ on the TV regarding cakes is the Channel 4 series Extreme Cake Makers.

I have so many conversations regarding this programme.

Customers seemed to be in awe for the sculpted designs, ‘did you see the Shetland pony?’ was one quote, ‘oooh how about that fish?’ was another.

Well, I might live, breathe, and love everything about cake, but these programmes are designed for the complete layman, someone who has never made a cake, let alone sculpted a 6 foot Wallis and Gromit’s Cake ‘o’ meter, so to them, its fantastic, awe inspiring, brilliant.

For me its something I do day in day out, so, its more of the same for me ….  however, I am in awe of the cake makers, well done for making these cakes under the pressure of having them on the TV or a start, go girls and boys! (Ps… the Cake ‘o’ Meter was fantastic, by the way, it was on display at Cake International last November).’

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