Mini Project Report On Digital Visitor counter using Microcontroller ( AT89C51) A The object of this project is to make a controller based model to count. The Bidrectional Visitor Counter using Microcontroller is helpful to to Microcontroller as we are going to use this concept in this project. . AT89C51 ( based Microcontroller); Programmer; Push Button. tsofcom/bidirectional-visitor-counter/. Code To provide solution for this we are going to implement a project called “Digital Visitor Counter”. Microcontroller: This is the CPU (central processing unit) of our project.

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Using IC is very suitable for this job. This means they can function as an input to the circuit or as output. When IR light falls on the photodiode, the resistances and these output voltages, change in proportion to the magnitude of the IR light received. LED display placed outside the room displays number of person inside the room. Each pole has contacts that can be thrown in mainly three ways. The Atmega is a low-power chip, so it only needs microcojtroller 1.

Bidirectional Visitor Counter Youtube video coming soon Question and answers about this project: Arduino based GPS receiver. A simulator will show the internal processor state and also that of the outputs, as well as allowing input signals to be generated.

This circuit is based on IC LM A byte is composed of countsr bits. In a basic relay there are three contactors: Choosing Battery for Robots. And when number of persons inside the room is zero, power supply inside the room can be cut using a relay interface.

Sreenivasa Reddy, Associate Professor, Head of the Department of Electronics and Communications for inspiring us to take up a project on this subject and successfully guiding us towards its completion.

So the user needs not worry about terminations, terms such as IRQs and port addresses, or rebooting the computer. These digiral can be configured to trigger an interrupt on a low value, a rising or falling edge, or a change in value. The “hot-swapping” means that the devices can be plugged and unplugged without rebooting the computer or turning off the device. GPIO pins are software configurable to either an input or an output state.


Relays are available in counteg operating voltages like 6V, 12V, 24V etc. Whenever an interruption is observed by the first IR sensorit increments the counter value. In the future, MRAM could potentially be used in microcontrollers microcontrolldr it has infinite endurance and its incremental semiconductor wafer process cost is relatively low. Some microcontrollers have environments to aid developing certain types of applications.

The inverting input of the comparator LM i. Since this project uses 2 infrared sensors, it can be used as Bidirectional person microconntroller as well. The text to be displayed will still be preserved when you use noDisplay so it’s a quick way to blank the display without losing everything on it. Maximum is 32, bytes. Main concept behind this project is to measure and display the number of persons entering in any room like seminar hall, conference room.

The wavelengths of these regions and their applications are shown below. This allows a part to be used in a wider variety of applications than if pins had dedicated functions. The object of this project is to make a controller based model to count number of persons visiting particular room and accordingly light up digutal down automatically there we can microcontrollre sensor and can know present number of persons.

This project can be used to count and display the number of visitors entering inside any conference room or seminar hall. I want to buy one project ,Soalr tracking system,so, what is the total cost snd delivery procedure.

Automatic bidirectional visitor counter using 8051 microcontroller (AT89C51)

They are designed to act as two SPDT relays which are actuated by a single coil. Almost all microcontrollers have at least two different kinds of memory, a non-volatile memory for storing firmware and a read-write memory for temporary data. Provide 8-bit PWM output with the analogWrite function. This will help to save electricity.

Other versions may be available where the ROM is accessed as an external device rather than as internal memory, however these are becoming rare due to the widespread availability of cheap microcontroller programmers. Central processing unit – ranging from small and simple 4- bit processors to complex bit or bit processors.


Click here to sign up. The Uno has 6 analog inputs, microcontrolller A0 through A5, each of which provide 10 bits of resolution i.

The diagram shows an inner section diagram of a relay. Partly in response to the existence of the single-chip TMSIntel developed a computer system on a chip optimized for control applications, the Intelwith commercial parts first shipping in One is low voltage application and the other is high voltage. They play a very important role in providing safety critical logic. In this LCD each character is displayed in 5×7 pixel matrix. The project is useful in developing countries and this project has a bright future.

It is a member of 78xx series of fixed linear voltage regulator Digitl. All the components required are readily available in the market and the circuit is easy to build.

When the IR receiver module receives signal to the potential at the inverting input goes low. This chip would find its way into over one billion PC keyboards, and other numerous applications.

Other companies rapidly followed suit, digitla both memory types. The library works with in either 4- or 8-bit mode i.

Microcontroller (AT89C51) based Digital Visitor Counter Project

The result of their work was the TMSwhich became commercially available in That means counter will be incremented if person enters the room and will be decremented if a person leaves the room.

The resulting architecture is more code efficient while achieving throughputs up to ten times faster than conventional CISC microcontrollers Figure 3. Although designed primarily as fixed voltage regulators, these devices can be used with external components to obtain adjustable voltages and currents Table 2.