A Pocket Full of Rye. A series of murders disguised within a nursery rhyme, Miss Marple’s on the case with two of Agatha Christie’s favourite themes, this time. Wealthy businessman Rex Fortescue is found dead with rye grain in his pocket. His death is followed in quick succession by a woman dying. A Pocket Full of Rye opens with the death of Rex Fortescue, a successful but not universally liked financier. Curiously, rye is discovered in one of his pockets.

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But how well she nearly always writes, the dear decadent old death-trafficker; they ought to make her a Dame or a D.

Agatha Christie is definitely one of my favourite author. Notify me of new posts via email.

I love how the rhyme was incorporated into the narrative and how the culprit came to be revealed. London – Harley Street C: London – Streathem Hill B: Faced with two false confessions and numerous suspects after a picketful civil magistrate is found shot in the local vicarage, Detective Inspector Slack reluctantly accepts help from Miss Marple.

Not the best Miss Marple I have read.

Remember the Leonides in Crooked House? I always love dear Miss Marple, and really enjoyed the idea of bringing her former maid Gladys in and giving her a starring role. The cast, like the high tea at Yew Tree Lodge, was lavish.

The Book Trail A Pocket Full of Rye (Miss Marple) – The Book Trail

Son Lancelot and his wife Pat are travelling from Kenya to London, at the invitation of his father, per Lance. However, if you are a Miss Marple fan, I have to disappoint you. No sooner has she arrived pockehful the crime scene than she points out the angle of the case to the above-mentioned nursery rhyme.

You are commenting using your WordPress. Neele learns that the taxine was ingested in marmalade, with a new jar put out at breakfast, used by Rex alone. Nadine loved her husband but having felt trapped by the marriage and therefore wanted to leave the family. Despite remaining faithful to the novel, apart from giving the title as “A Pocketful of Rye”, the characters of Mrs MacKenzie, Gerald Wright and Elaine Fortescue did not make an appearance.


A Pocket Full of Rye

And the rhyme is an irrelevancy. Retrieved 21 February I wondered how on earth Dame Agatha would explain the murderer’s use of the rhyme wit Agatha Christie loved to use nursery rhymes as a motif in her mystery novels for added creepiness.

Yes, it irks the gentle elderly woman and she expresses it well to the Chief-Inspector Neele. He did not mind too much about scripts. He was small and funny and his head seemed to take up an unreasonable amount of his height.

Jul 13, Lady Clementina ffinch-ffarowmore rated it really liked it Shelves: She believed she was adding a truth drug to the marmalade, to help Albert when he met with Rex. See 2 questions about A Pocket Full of Rye…. The premise is clever and also disturbing–the three murders that echo the rhyme the king, the queen, the maid. Christie also made sure that all the characters in this book blend into the main plot, which is really nice.

The novel was adapted for the fourth series of the British television series Marple broadcast on ITV on Pocketfhl 6,starring Julia McKenzie as the title character.

Helen Baxendale, icily regular as the housekeeper; Ben Miles in the unforgiving role of the dull brother; and, under a suspicious wig, the unmistakable voice of Prunella Scales.

Christie usually prefers to keep most of her characters at least potentially sympathetic as well as potential murderers, but here they are only the latter. Otherwise its not that memorable; I can’t recall if the book itself was very interesting to begin with. Mary Mead for Baydon Heath in the outer part of London. Lance Fortescue Frances Low In the present if it may be felt that the hidden mechanism of the plot is ingenious at the expense ry probability, but the tale is told with such confidence that like murder itself, in this pastoral atmosphere it does not matter very much.

Fortescue does not stir arguments and bully people the way Nofret did. A Pocket Full of Rye ITV1 also had positively final last performances from Wendy Richard, who knew perfectly well she was very ill, as the cook, and a ferociously eyebrowed Ken Campbell as the butler. Although it is a Marple mystery, most of the investigation process is done by the police. So realizing that I had this on my bookshelf, I decided to read it for Halloween Bingo. You cannot help being involved in the story and keep investigating with Inspector Neele all along.


Sometimes I find myself bored with Marple or Poirot books until they show up, this was not one of those times. But he’s back to square one when she’s found poisoned from afternoon tea and the housemaid is found strangled.

A Pocket Full of Rye – Wikipedia

A handful of grain is found in the pocket of a murdered businessman! You are commenting using your Facebook account. People like young Ellis and this Gerald Wright are only really disagreeable when they’ve married a poor girl oof love.

You can guess what is going to happen next though. Almost all female characters are regularly said to be tall. The king was in his counting house, Counting out his money; The queen was in the parlour, Eating bread and honey.

But if you read in the paper that by injecting certain glands scientists can alter your vital tissues and you’ll develop froglike characteristics, well, everybody would believe that. The book features her detective Miss Marple.

A Pocket Full of Rye and 9/11 – Phone Calls from the Tower

I think perhaps she had the excellent idea for the set-up and then, like me, couldn’t quite decide where it could go from there. On later inspection, the pockets of the deceased were found to contain traces of cereals.

The booktrail follows some of the main sites of Agatha Christie locations since the book setting is fictional. She poured out the tea and took the cups round with a couple of limp, sweet biscuits in each saucer. Book 12 for the Miss Marple Challenge.

As every skuleboy kno, the butler never does it.