In his seminal lecture “Is Patriotism a Virtue?” Alasdair MacIntyre contrasts patriotism with the liberal commitment to certain universal values. He notes that Alasdair MacIntyre has given a defense of patriotism: MacIntyre’s argument (in his Lindley Lecture, “Is Patriotism a Virtue?. the nature of a more sophisticated patriotism comes from Scottish philosopher Alasdair MacIntyre, in an essay titled “Is Patriotism a Virtue?”.

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And this leads us back to a conception of morality which, while still Aristotelian, seems consistent js the kind of enlightenment moral standpoint — a universal one — that MacIntyre has used Aristotle to argue against.

We all have various preferences for places and people, tend to identify with many groups, large and small, to think of them as in some sense ours, and to show a degree of special concern for their members. Rob Wilson rated it really liked it May 25, Citizenship in this partiotism is an intrinsically valuable relationship, and grounds certain special duties fellow citizens have to one another.

MacIntyre – Is Patriotism a Virtue?

The rules that regulate the cooperation and determine the distribution of burdens and benefits enjoin, among other things, special concern for the well-being of compatriots which is not due to outsiders. Others have argued against patriotism of any sort GombergMcCabeKeller This might not be a very satisfactory answer; we might agree with J. The latter type of patriotism need virtke conflict with impartial justice or common human solidarity.


And we cannot talk with confidence about the reasons a large and complex vjrtue or institution has for its actions.

MacIntyre and the Morality of Patriotism

If she came across two strangers in a life-threatening situation and could only save one, would she have a prima facie moral duty to save the one who was a compatriot? The duty of special concern for the well-being of our country and compatriots, just like other duties, universal and special, is justified by the good consequences macontyre its adoption.

There is no morality as such; morality is always the morality of a particular community. Patriotic duty owes its moral force to the moral force of those universal duties.

alasdalr In the 19 th century, Russian novelist and thinker Leo Tolstoy found patriotism both stupid and immoral. Habermas argues that this identity, expressed in and reinforced by constitutional patriotism, can provide a solid foundation for such a state, given the ethnic and cultural heterogeneity characteristic of most countries in western Europe. I do not believe in ideals or forms of community as a nostrum for contemporary social ills. Alex Riedel marked it as to-read Jul 25, In Defence of Nationality.

Patriots will find this account of their love of and loyalty to alasdaif country alien to what they feel patriotism is all about. Igor Primorac – – Croatian Journal of Philosophy 4 1: Click here to join. And these groups and activities structure me — alter the kind of being I am: And some human beings will adopt ends that are at odds with their own mqcintyre This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Byrne – – Journal of Business Ethics 95 2: Largely in response to MacIntyre, some philosophers have defended constrained or deflated versions of patriotism BaronNathansonPrimoratz Monireh Razavi rated it it was amazing Oct 02, Coolby “Toy” Pamplonei rated it it was amazing Sep 08, Patriotlsm authors use the two terms interchangeably.


Special duties mediate our fundamental, universal duties and make possible their most virtuee discharge.

Alasdair MacIntyre, Is patriotism a virtue? – PhilPapers

The benefits one has received from her country might be considered relevant to the duty of patriotism in a different way: But her patriotism would be expressed, above all, in a critical approach to her country and compatriots: Bernard Bosanquet – – Freeport, N. Muhammad Ehab marked it as to-read Aug 12, Alessandro Ferrara – – European Journal of Philosophy 2 3: Thomas Mertens – – European Journal of Philosophy 4 3: One worry here is that considerations alasdaie gratitude normally arise in interpersonal relations.

This leads her to hide from herself the true source of some of the beliefs involved. All four types of patriotism reviewed so far seek to defend and promote what might be termed the worldly, i.

Yet until a few decades ago, philosophers used to show next to no interest in the subject. These end-states perfect or fully actualize some set of dispositions, some potentiality.