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It might be argued that the recent decline in advertising revenue can mainly be attributed to the global economic crisis, which has affected many industries including print media since late In the United States of America, the Readership Institute at Northwestern University published in the results of a comprehensive study aiming at investigating people use and attitudes towards American newspapers and their content.

On the other hand, Times of Oman is the most frequently read amongst English dailies. This means that occasional readers and nonreaders of Oman were advancing a subjective judgment, based on their previous encounters with the newspaper regardless of any editorial changes the paper has made in the recent years.

The results also show that gender, age, ethnic group and income were significant factors in predicting readers’ satisfaction. It also dedicates a section to youth news and activities, especially those of college and university students. A survey questionnaire in the Arabic and English languages was generated. Alshabiba changed its design and look in and is now printed on paper with the dimension 58 x 32cm, making jougnal width smaller by 4cm approximately than other standard newspaper dimension in Oman.


National Rally of Independents. It also investigates the role of some socio-economic factors in the issue of readership and perception.

It was also found that readers’ attitudes towards a given newspaper were influenced by the content and layout of that paper. Reading frequency of dailies based on valid percents. Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences. On the other hand, Oman was singled out as the most censored newspaper. The remaining free tabloids try to provide diverse editorial content but most of their pages, especially Futoonare occupied by advertisements.

If free tabloids and newspapers were added to the paid dailies, amlassae circulation would increase by 3. Al-Shaqsi studied expatriates’ uses of different media in Oman.

Al-Ghabshi studied Omani women’s general use of different mass media including newspapers. In sum, Alwatan was viewed more positively than other newspapers. It fell by 3.

In the last three years, it published many controversial issues and that led to many lawsuits against the newspaper, the most publicized of almassae was Azzaman vs. InOman updated its electronic version to become the first interactive newspaper website in Oman. For the purposes of this study, these ways are not discussed in detail, but their general principles are used to outline how readership is operationally defined and measured.

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This study was not intended to provide a conclusive account of readership of all print media in Oman. It is obvious that there is no consensus as to what readership precisely means and how it can thereafter be measured.

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Cities Provinces Regions Western Sahara. Minister of Justice in Contemporary Arab Broadcast Media. However, Al-Abdconducted the first readership study in Oman. More than 37, readers and non-readers were surveyed, and 47, news stories, photos, graphics and other content from American newspapers were analyzed.

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The distribution process started in The most important motives for reading newspapers were to get information and learn new things, especially about female issues and entertainment. Table 15 shows that Oman daily cultivated the highest percentage for censorship.

With reference to the aims of this study and to the literature review, the study seeks to answer the following research questions:.

Print Media in Oman: Retrieved 18 January His modern vision and openness to the world brought in many positive changes to the country, including the growth and expansion of the media sector.