Played the first edition of the game (Operation Overlord). Perfectly decent set of rules – I think the way the game uses the order cards with. The second expansion adds a new level of realism, with its tables of different gun calibres, plus new rules enabling you to deploy entire platoons of armoured. Was talking to my local hobbyshop owner about a little label that appears on some 1/72 WW2 figures packaging. A rules set similar to FOW but.

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First use the rules that you are enjoying.

Anyway, for a different set of card driven skirmish rules that were, in my mind, a lot of fun, give it a try. NUTS has a free brief version for you to try as well. We cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage incurred by the postal services unless insurance had been purchased. Payment Payment is required within 5 days after the auction had closed. Spearhead probably IS a bit different.

Generally, what are the alternatives for Bolt Action and Flames of War?

Operation Squad is a squad level game. We offer our customers the ability to reliably purchase items and receive them quickly. And though not completely necessary, I prefer rules that are available in printed form, not something I have to download and print or get via Lulu, etc. There is alz very good website at Iron Ivan games and a great discussion group on yahoo “Iron Ivan ruls.

I’ll be invading their facility this month like a groupe franc of S35s with an axe to grind and a convoy of Laffly S20Tls ready to load up with whatever I can pry loose.


We did a game with 6 squad sized units on one side, and that taxed it to the limit for us the limit is — game must finish in less than 3 hours.

Seems to have a fairly steep learning curve. Please note, first class international packages to Greece, Mexico, Chile, Peru and Argentina might take up to 8 weeks to reach destination.

Before you spend any money, check out the Over There Rules. International Buyers Please Note: I believe the 2nd edition is available online. Please request for invoice after selecting all the products you wanted, we will give you a shipping quote.

But then it ought to work fine. Please don’t assume anything – if you have any questions, feel free to contact us before bidding. Joker is right, albeit tecnically….


Ed the Two Hour Wargames guy. Yup — almost like reenacting — the rules are so old: One of the responants above mentioned that the cards can slow the game down.

A really good, fast-playing skirmish game so BA column which lends itself well to solo playing among many other things. We also found that without a scenario then games can get bogged down as units find ‘safe’ firing positions and don’t have an incentive to move the card system makes maneuver in the open very risky!

Blitzkrieg Commander actually states it has a variable scale, units might be squads, pltns or even coys, its whatever level the player is comfortable with representing. Alzoo We combine shipping for international customers. I’m ambivalent on card driven rules, theoretically there a great idea but I’m increasingly lazy after going through that rigmarole prepping gaming aids for The Face of Battle.

Back to the Pulp Gaming Message Board. Then it was dropped by Italeri they only went into the “game” business briefly in an attempt to seel more minis. Out of Print and more “archaic” rules, in my view, would not be alternatives. I find myself agreeing urles the most part. We have a ball. So is Look Sarge No Charts. The Cards make for a very exciting game. Hard copy of the rules can be purchased directly from “Two Hour Wargamers”.


If you have extenuating circumstances on sending payment, you rulws notify us immediately of the expected date of payment. If you have a model related collection for sale please contact us. Less gamey, but simple rules. Sorry – only verified members can post on the forums. Yes, Crossfire is definitely available again.

There are certainly other options worth looking at, either free or inexpensive. So the list is updated to: We’ve modified FoW and 40K scenarios as they ruules to work reasonably well with a bit of tweaking. Ditto Tango 2 1. Units are Companies grouped into battalions. All members in good standing are free to post here. Insurance and expedited shipping is available but optional, please contact us for further details. We combine shipping for international customers.

What else should be considered for purchase? I own some of these rules already, so just need to pick up a few more … at least, the more readily accessible ones. Failure to comply will result in unpaid item filing.

Italeri Upgrade Vehicles & Gun Expansion Pack 2 for Alzo Zero Wargame # | eBay

Make sure to put Nuts! Of these, I am really liking battlegroup for what it’s worth.

For platoon level we have Assault Platoon that use the same mechanics….