La Antracnosis del olivo y su efecto en la calidad del aceite. J. Moral, C. Xaviér, L.F. Roca, . cítricos (Citrus spp.), mango (Magnifera indica). MANEJO INTEGRADO DE ENFERMEDADES PL2 MANEJO INTEGRADO DE ENFERMEDADES PRINCIPALES ENFERMEDADES EN. La antracnosis (Colletotrichum gloeosporioides) induce pérdidas de hasta 40% .. Aspectos epidemiológicos y de manejo de la antracnosis de los cítricos. pp.

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Anthracnose development from late infections of mature fruits and from quiescent infections of immature fruits may proceed at different rates. Morphology and taxonomy of South African isolates of Colletotrichum.

antracnozis Lancet 2— Diseases of Turfgrasses, 3rd edition. Oil quality; Olive; Soapy rot; Virgin oil. Resistencia del acebuche a la Antracnosis del olivo causada por Colletotrichum spp.

Riquelme y Vargas Ediciones, S. L were taken from each tube and poured into a Neubauer chamber to determine germination. Olive fruit fly Bactrocera oleae is a vector of Colletotrichum sp.

Aceite de oliva virgen; Aceituna jabonosa; Calidad de aceite; Olivo Copyright: The appressoria of Colletotrichum graminicola and C. La Antracnosis del olivo y su efecto en la calidad del aceite. Even so, the effect of Anthracnose on oil quality is largely unknown and many questions remain unanswered. Pontis y Hansen, Grasse 819— Results from this study indicated only small effects of fungicides or antrwcnosis extracts on anthracnose development in inoculated fruits, while microbial filtrates showed antrracnosis reduction in lesion size.


Once solidified, 5-mm disks of PDA with actively growing mycelium of either isolate of C. In estimating size of the amplified products a kb DNA Ladder marker with molecular weight of 1, ranging between 10, and bp was used. Notwithstanding, other studies point at C. On the characteristics of olive oil and olive-residue oil and on the relevant methods of analysis. En contraste, la media longitud de la espora fue 1. Colletotrichum acutatumColletotrichum citriccosfrutas tropicales, enfermedades.

Regarding tree tomato, green big fruits were taken from active plantations of the citricps red’ variety.

Similarly, Afanador et al. Effect of temperature and relative humidity on mycelial growth, conidial germination and fruit infection by Colletotrichum spp.

La Antracnosis del olivo y su efecto en la calidad del aceite

Phytopathology— Agraria 7— Uso de variedades tolerantes: All microbial filtrates, most fungicides and two plant extracts Tabs. The latter assessed infectivity on both the original hosting crop and the other two crops crossed infectionby putting the fungi in contact with organs taken from the three fruit crops.

Out of the 93 Tahiti lime isolates, 83 corresponded to C.

Regarding tree tomato, the first symptoms of the disease caused by this crop’s isolates were seen on the 13 th day after inoculation; on day 30 ththe infection had reached medium incidence Fig. Citricls en Portugal la especie C. La gaffa des olives en Portugal. Molecular and phenotypic analyses reveal association of diverse Colletotrichum acutatum groups and a low level of C.


Morphology of colonies and conidia Most of the isolates coming from citrus crops formed grey and salmon cottony colonies. Finally, the crossed infection tests gave negative results, as no symptoms of the disease were detected in organs inoculated with isolates taken from other crops Tab. Although mango isolate colonies rn wider variety, abundant green, white, grey or orange cottony mycelium was dominant, sometimes showing luxuriant orange conidial masses with grey or white bottom color Fig.

Roma 11— Field evaluation of fungicide for control of olive Anthracnose.


D Olivo severamente afectado de muerte de ramas junto a un olivo completamente podado flecha debido citricis la enfermedad. Los organismos descritos son ahora conocidos como C. The Plant Health Instructor. Pulverizaciones recomendables en montes de olivo. The use of plant protection products in the European Union: La calidad del aceite de oliva. The wild genetic resources of the cultivated olive. Microorganisms and liquid culture filtrates.