You can think of QueryInterface simply as a COM type-cast. QI, or QueryInterface , is a term used by the Microsoft COM specification. This repo contains the source code samples .Net c#,.Net vb, and C++) that demonstrate the usage of the ArcObject SDK. Learning ArcObject. Contribute to hellocomrade/ArcObject development by creating an account on Lesson 5: ArcObjects Object Model Diagram (OMD).

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Moves an item from one index to another. A shape that layers in the map are clipped to.

Now, at the command prompt, navigate to your executable’s directory and run it as shown in Listing 3. You should be able to QI it from an ITable, arcobjdcts in the usual fashion e. What You Will Need Notepad or any text editor and a command prompt. The line symbol used to draw the major ticks. Provides access to the properties and methods of a layer based on vector geographic arcobejcts, which is typically a geodatabase, shapefile, or coverage feature class.

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Fires after the PageLayoutControl draws a specified view phase.

Displays a dialog of information about the MapControl. The Map object at the specified index.

Sets the page size for the map optional. Retrieves the workspace name of a workspace from the given list of file names.

Indicates if the MapControl will fire events when data adcobjects dragged over the control’s window. Add a field to the fields collection. To access the Geoprocessor object’s methods and properties, we still need to do one more thing: The spatial reference of the GeoDataset.

QueryInterface is the method that is used to fetch another interface implemented by the same COM object. This will soon make more sense.

The Map can be an index or a name, if it is not supplied the focus map is used. Deletes a field from this object class. Arobjects example, a Map obtained through IMxDocument:: Current extent of the Map in map units. Removes all map surrounds from the map. Objects which manage a collection of graphic elements implement this interface.


ArcUser Online

Delete all the arcobjetcs from the fields collection. In the COM world, you generally don’t access it directly, but only Via interfaces. Keep in mind that the account this process runs on must have the required privileges to access your ArcGIS Server instance. Returns the item at the specified x and y coordinates. Map tip text at the specified location.

ArcObjects Diagram (AllOMDs) for Arc10 | GeoNet

If no graphic layers exist a basic memory graphics layer will be created. Rubber-bands a polyline on the MapControl. The object that will have its current tool managed by arcbojects toolbar. Causes a Redo to be performed on the last undo.

This is the main events interface for the SymbologyControl. The index of the field with the specified name. The workspace containing this dataset.