It is applicable to all pipelines and piping systems within the scope of: ASME B 4 – Pipeline Transportation Systems for Liquid. Hydrocarbons and Other. ASME B31G – Level 2 Option, otherwise known as RSTRENG is most commonly used in the pipeline industry. However, ASME B31G Level 2 that is based on. Integration with NDT tools. ▫ 3D surface measurements. ▫ UT. ▫ What’s next? ▫ Pit gage data entry interface. ▫ ASME B31G (), DNV RP-F

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“ASME B31G” Piping Code Enhancements for AutoPIPE – AutoPIPE Wiki – AutoPIPE – Bentley Communities

These replies are taken verbatim from the original letters, except for a few typographical and editorial corrections made for the purpose of improved clarity. Noninteracting flaws should be evaluated as separate flaws. Please copy and paste this embed script to where you want to embed Embed Script. Nominal Inside Diameter OD: Does t represent the uncorrroded pipe wall thickness?

The local solution resulting in the lowest calculated failure stress shall govern.


When calculating the failure stress SFis t the corroded pipe wall thickness? Depth, d, mm See the latest News And Updates. Frey, Stress Engineering Service, Inc. Subsequent revisions assme the Manual may have superseded the reply. It is intended that a Level 3 evaluation be conducted by a technical specialist having appropriate expertise in the subject of fitness-for-service assessment.

There is no single safety factor that is suitable for all types of pipeline construction, for all modes of pipeline operation, or for all types of flaws or anomalies. Correspondence should be addressed to: Same is intended that a Level 0 evaluation be conducted in the field ssme the need b1g performing detailed calculations.

In addition, the following considerations apply: All methods described herein have been demonstrated to provide reliable and conservative results when they are applied correctly and within stated limitations. It typically relies on detailed measurements of the corroded surface profile, accounting for the actual distribution of metal loss, and involves repetitive computations that may be facilitated by the use of computer software or spreadsheets.


Correspondence With the B31 Committee. In the table, locate the row showing a depth equal to the measured maximum depth of the corroded area. Validation of software xsme include documented evidence that correct results are obtained over the full range of parameters that could reasonably be expected to occur when making evaluations.

If spaced sufficiently closely, the metal loss areas may interact so as to result in failure at a lower pressure than would be expected based on an analysis of the separate flaws.

“ASME B31G” Piping Code Enhancements for AutoPIPE

The nominal pipe diameter and wall thickness or the measured pipe diameter and wall thickness can be used for the ASME B31G checks. Page Location Change 2 1.

Corrosion may occur with a circumferential orientation, e. The following guideline is suggested with reference to Fig. Further, persons aggrieved by an interpretation may appeal to the cognizant ASME committee or subcommittee.

The tables may be used to determine the maximum allowable longitudinal extent of a contiguous area of corrosion or an interacting cluster of metal loss areas. The request for an interpretation should be clear and unambiguous.

Additional procedures for inquiries may be listed within.

Similar issues should be considered in developing a suitable safety factor as were described for a Level 1 or Level 2 analysis. Nominal Wall Thickness tp: When evaluating anomalies identified by inline inspection, use of larger factors of safety asms result in smaller flaws being left in service following field investigation and pipeline repairs. Breen, Becht Engineering Co.

Incorporation of these other methods into a recognized Code document provides the pipeline operator or other user with a formalized framework within which to use such methodologies, as well as a wider range of codified technical options with which to make an evaluation. Determine applicable pipe material properties from appropriate records.


Chin, TransCanada Pipeline U. For a corroded profile defined by n measurements of depth of corrosion including the end points at nominally full wall thickness, n!

ASME B31G Corrosion Calculator : Pipeng Toolbox

Sflow shall not exceed SMTS. Cite the applicable paragraph number s and the topic of the inquiry. For consistency in comparison to results obtained from evaluations performed to an earlier edition, use of the same definition for flow stress is recommended. Depth, d, mm 0.

The request should identify the standard, the paragraph, figure or table number sand be written as a Question and Reply in the same format as existing Cases. It is not a property specified in a material grade or finished product b3g.

Soni, Delegate, Engineers India Ltd. Frikken, Becht Engineering Co. This definition remains an ase element of the Level 0 assessment and is recommended with the Level 1 assessment performed in accordance with para.

We are a non-profit group that run this website to share documents. For crack type defects the NG crack defect calculators are recommended. It is intended that a Level 1 evaluation be conducted in the field by an engineer, corrosion technician, coating inspector, or other individual having appropriate training. Mauro, American Electric Power J. Participation by federal agency representative s or person s affiliated with industry is not to be interpreted as government or industry endorsement of this code or standard.

The inquirer may also include any plans or drawings that are necessary to explain the question; however, they should not contain proprietary names or information.