Sérgio Assad né le 26 décembre à Mococa, est un guitariste et compositeur brésilien issu Latin American Music for two Guitars, Astor Piazzolla, Leo Brouwer, Radamés Gnattali, Sérgio Assad, Alberto Ginastera, Hermeto Pascoal, . The Assad brothers, who first encountered Astor Piazzolla as young music students in Rio de Janeiro in the s, capture the venerable. Assad on Arranging Classical Guitar. Sérgio Assad on Piazzolla, the Beatles, Ginastera, Transcriptions, and more. Joey Lusterman March

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With something like the Nazareth are you working exclusively from original scores, or do you listen to recordings, too? He was not very known back piazzolla little bit in Europe, more so in Brazil—but his music was so advanced and so rich. Retrieved May 23, Customize your awsad for tour dates near your hometown, birthday wishes, or special discounts in our online store!

On your early albums you were doing a lot of Scarlatti and Couperin and composers like that.

Still you can do fabulous things, it might just have a different color than the original. Why is it that Piazzolla became so popular with guitarists and arrangers?

That was a different approach altogether. But things changed a bit when they started piazzoll things, like [singers] Tori Amos and Gregory Porter, and the bass [Chris Hill] and Anoushka Shankar [on sitar]. The New York Times. It became more of an orchestration of that piece. You take an existing piece but you have to create everything around it, and sometimes things inside it, too.


Sérgio Assad — Wikipédia

It depends on the style. So you have to choose the notes you want to keep there to keep the integrity of the chord, and the harmony. But the thing I hear that goes through all his arrangements is a sense of how the guitar should sound.

To do the Impressionists well, you really need more than one guitar.

Sergio & Odair Assad: Latin American Music for Two Guitars

When Roland did his arrangements, his stamp was really strong. Are some pieces more friendly for the guitar? The collaboration with Salerno-Sonnenberg inspired Sergio to write the triple concerto “Originis” for violin, two guitars and chamber orchestra. So I piazzollaa to do all the scordatura, like getting down to B, which is a tricky thing to do because the string starts to be too loose, and to do that in a concert is risky.

Guitaristcomposerarrangerteacher. You are here Home. Unable to process your request at this time. And it was there that the three of us convened late one afternoon, as the sun was setting across San Francisco Bay, for a freewheeling conversation about arranging. So piaazzolla make choices.

Sérgio Assad on Piazzolla, the Beatles, Ginastera, Transcriptions, and more – Classical Guitar

I used a lot of different things there—more percussion, different colors. As a composer Assad has completed more than fifty works for guitar, many of which have become standards in the guitar repertoire. We fear changing them. I always work with the two guitars in perspective, but I always try to not play one line against the second line, because I always heard two lines in a puazzolla guitar.


Nowadays, you can usually find the original notes piazzoola published scores. You can take any given measure and think of something that you could do to change it.

Sérgio Assad on Piazzolla, the Beatles, Ginastera, Transcriptions, and more

They have been Nonesuch recording artists since Astor Piazzolla composed Tango Suite especially for the Assads. He has extended the possibilities of the two-guitar combination through his arrangements of Latin American music by composers such as PiazzollaVilla Lobosand Ginastera as well as Baroque to Modern music by ScarlattiRameauSolerBachMompouRavelDebussyand Gershwin among others. Alas, we just play the traditional repertoire that we know already; those are the notes the composer wrote.

So I piazzollq to come up with ideas to make the guitar a little stronger. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

You have to choose the right notes; sometimes you even have to change the written notes a little bit in order to fit under the fingers. I think he steps back a little bit more. What would I call what I did with the Nazareth?