CED Gabay. II. CONCEPTS IN ASSESSING STUDENT LEARNING. 1. Role of Measurement and Assessment in teaching De Guzman Santos Rosita, et. ADVANCED METHODS IN EDUCATIONAL ASSESSMENT AND EVALUATION ASSESSMENT OF LEARNING 2. Rosita De Guzman-Santos, Ph.D. These approaches are classified below (source: Rosita de Guzman-Santos, ): . 1. Clarity of Learning Targets Assessment can be made precise, accurate.

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Should courses be integrated or separate? The drawback in these studies can be corrupted or subverted by the politically motivated actions of the participants.

Evaluators ensure the honesty and integrity of the entire evaluation process. These studies help asssessment understand the activities and values involved from a variety of perspoectves.

What time is available compared with the workload for preparation? Observation and Self Reports – Useful supplementary methods when used in conjunction with oral questioning and performance tests 3.

Evaluation is methodologically diverse using both qualitative and quantitative methods, including case studies, assessmnt research, statistical analysis and model building among other. Appropriateness of Assessment Methods a. Spearman-Brown prophecy formula ii. Furthermore, it is used to characterize guzman-sahtos appraise subjects of interest in a wide range of human enterprises. Public relations studies or information is used to paint a positive image of an object regardless of the actual situation.

How strong are the teaching skills of teachers?

Assessment of Learning 2

Authentic assessment provides valuable information to the teacher on student progress as well as the success of instruction.

In this approach, the user is asked to to go through a series of questions in the context, inputs, process and product stages.

Performance based assessment, on the other hand, can give us a more complete picture of student achievement. Its highly controlled and stylized methodology may not be sufficiently responsive to the dynamically changing needs sasessment most human service programs, and thus posed its potential problem.


Fairness — assessment procedure needs to be fair, which means: Drafts of rubrics presented in the class d. Performance based assessments ask students to show what they can do given an authentic task which is then judged using a specific set of criteria. How do students use what they have learned?

Alonsabe View my complete profile. Validity — appropriateness, correctness, meaningfulness and usefulness of the specific conclusions that a teacher reaches regarding the teaching-learning situation. It may be best to begin on a small scale.

Evaluators articulate and take into account the diversity of interests and values that may be related to the general and public welfare. Where can performance based assessment be used? What is the students’ existing knowledge?

Teachers assume a larger role in the assessment process than through traditional testing programs.

educational assessment

These principles serve as benchmarks for good practices in educational evaluation. Context What is the relation of the course to other courses?

How was the over-all experience for the teachers and for the students? What is the motivation of students? This shift in emphasis may result in reduced test anxiety and enhanced self-esteem. He urged teachers to sample learning by collecting products of their efforts throughout the year.

educational assessment

Are the aims suitable? Other documents relating to learning Advance Methods in Educational Assessment. Instead, there are m,any ways in which they can be answered. Consumer-oriented studies are used to judge the relative merits of goods and services based on generalized needs and values, along with a comprehensive range of effects. If performance criteria are well defined, another person acting alone would be able to evaluate the student accurately and easily. Copy of an abstract relating to a research conducted on authentic assessment either in basic or higher education.


Evaluation must be based on concrete evidence and data to support the inquiry process.

Specific assignments or tasks to be evaluated and the assessment criteria need to be clearly identified at the start. How do you measure student performance?

Diane Hart, in her excellent introduction to Authentic Assessment: Reliability — consistency, dependability, stability which can be estimated by – Split-half method – Calculated using the i. What are the learning skills of students?

Inputs What is the entering ability of students? Accountability is popular with constituents because it is tuzman-santos to provide an accurate accounting of results that can improve the quality of products and services. However, this approach can quickly turn practitioners and consumers into adversaries when implemented in a heavy-handed fashion.

Is there a need for the course? Are there any problems related to teaching? Is there an effective 2-way communications? The learning targets, involving knowledge, reasoning, skills, products and effects, need to be stated in behavioral terms which denote something which can assesament observed through the behavior of the students. How supportive is the classroom environment? Parents will more readily understand authentic assessments than the abstract percentiles, grade guzma-nsantos, and other measures of standardized tests.

What are the students’ KSA levels after the course? In addition, well-written performance criteria allow the teacher to be consistent in scoring over time asswssment is especially good when evaluating skills Stiggins, Is the content relevant to practical problems?