In this master essay, Wimsatt and Beardsley call out readers who just go through texts hoping to figure out what their authors really meant. According to these. In Aesthetics, Beardsley develops a philosophy of art that is sensitive .. In “The Intentional Fallacy,” he says that the intentions of the artist are. Intentional Fallacy. William K. Wimsatt Jr. & Monroe C. Beardsley., revised in. The claim of the author’s “intention” upon the critic’s judgement has been chal-.

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Beardsley’s Aesthetics

Hackett Publishing Company, Inc. Typically, the ceremony of marriage concludes upon the exchange of the utterance “I do”. Problems in the Philosophy of Criticism ; reissued with a postscript,is by far the most substantial, comprehensive, and influential. However, because such observation does not involve assessing the form of a work, such evidence is not “a part of the work as a linguistic fact” As a result, it is less accessible and less valuable.

Beardsley’s Aesthetics (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

The Hanged Man, a member of the traditional pack, fits my purpose in two ways: It is difficult to answer argument like this, and impossible to answer it with evidence of like nature. The Ontology of Art 4.

For Marxist literary theorists, the author’s intent is always a code for a particular set of ideologies in the author’s own day. To make the baerdsley and heliocentric antithesis the core of the metaphor is to disregard the English language, to prefer private evidence to public, external to internal.

The argument is plausible and rests on a well substantiated thesis that Donne was deeply interested in the new astronomy and its repercussions in the theological realm. Control of A Rehabilit An intentionalist editor would constantly investigate the documents for traces of authorial intention.


It entails many specific truths about inspiration, authenticity, biography, literary history and scholarship, and about some trends of beeardsley poetry, especially its allusiveness. Wayne State University Press, He later did offer a definition, however, and, somewhat surprisingly, a neo-Romantic and intentionalistic one. It would be convenient if the passwords of the intentional school, “sincerity,” “fidelity,” “spontaneity, I’ll authenticity,” “genuineness,” “originality,” could be equated with terms such as “integrity,” “relevance,” “unity,” “function,” “maturity,” “subtlety Such biographical information doesn’t necessarily entail intengional instead it may clarify intenional meanings of the words, the nuances of imagery, within the literary text.

Authorial intent

Mark Bevir in The Logic of the History of Ideas sees meanings as necessarily intentional but suggests that intentioanl relevant intentions can be those of readers as well as those of authors. If not careful, these notes can become external intenhional. The ontology argued for begins with a distinction between physical objects and perceptual objects.

If one gathers from notes that an author is alluding to a specific event, then the reader may turn to trying to interpret the work in the context of the author’s intentions. Moving of th’earth brings harmes and feares. The Nature of Aesthetics 3.


Beardsley was in fact more than consistent on the issue of the intentional fallacy; he also held that The artist intended w to have descriptive property p provides no direct evidential support for W has descriptive property pand that The artist intended w to have evaluative property e provides no direct evidential support for W has evaluative property e.


McKenzie and Jerome McGannproponents of a model that accounts for the “social text,” tracing material transformations and embodiments of works while not privileging one intentionla over another. Intention has obvious affinities for the author’s attitude toward his work, the way he felt, what made him write. Some beautiful vases may fall fllacy the first class, and many medieval icons into the second.

Day, Parliament of Bees: Open access to the SEP is made possible by a world-wide funding initiative. Sentence meaning is primary on this theory, and word meaning secondary and derivative, since it’s defined in terms of a word’s contribution to the speech act potential of the sentences into which it can figure.

Rather, it becomes ijtentional public’s at its birth because it exists for others to examine: From a formalist perspective, then, examining a work’s internal components is the key to understanding not just by the individual reader but more importantly by the collective public. Alfred Prufrock ,” toward the end, occurs the line: They besrdsley more abstract than poetry.

But it is a very abstract sense. Beardsley, Monroe and William K. The Definition of Art 5.

This page was last edited on 16 Octoberat But the author cannot change his meaning after he has died. That’s one end of the spectrum on the relation between 1 and 2.