The BT is a highly sensitive Doppler monitor that offers a clean, clear sound from its small, compact size and comes with its own carrying case. If you have. S: BTS Sound Only, 2MHz, L: BTL Mono LCD, 2MHz. T: BTT Mono LCD, 3MHz, C: BTC Color OLED, 2MHZ. Functional Characteristics. Download product documentation guide ยท Bistos, , BT Operation Manual BT Operation Manual.

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The easiest and most conclusive way to decipher your heartbeat b-200 your baby’s is by the heart rate or BPM beats per minute. A full bladder can make it easier to find the heartbeat. The best way to begin an exam is to be lying down exposing the abdomen, although it may be possible to find the heart rate in a sitting or standing position. Big Sky Gun Racks.

If your concerned contact your health care provider. The new Hi Bebe BT hand held fetal heart rate monitor has been designed to be small and lightweight, yet robust, making it ideal for midwives, doctors and of course, pregnant women.

Fetal Heart Doppler This is a handheld ultrasound device that transmits the sounds of the baby’s heartbeat either through a speaker or into ear pieces that are attached.

This bbistos is heard by the baby later in pregnancy and has been recorded and used to calm upset babies after birth. Carrying case, battery, gel 60ml. Ultrasound gel is specially formulated to act as a coupling agent and reduce static that is often caused when using a fetal doppler.

Shane Balkowitsch is a Registered Nurse and manages all medical, health and wellness related product lines. It is our goal to offer quality nistos at affordable prices and provide a level of customer service that is unparalleled. View Cart Contact Us Sitemap. Instrument Noise The fetal doppler itself may have some background noise, static, popping etc.


Find Us Balkowitsch Enterprises Inc. If you don’t find the heartbeat in this period of time, take a break.

For complete details please see our Return Policy link on our Sitemap page. Try to keep from dragging the probe around as it will only increase static and make it more difficult to find the heartbeat FAQ Main How often can I use my fetal doppler?

Write a review about this product! Sound card – Battery life: We are also a accredited member of the Better Business Bureau. Placental Sounds The blood flow becomes steadier as it flows through the placenta and has a distinctive sound like wind blowing through the trees.

Ultrasound gel use is integral on cutting down on much of the static produced when positioning the fetal dopplers trasducer during an exam.

Hi Bebe Bt200 LCD Fetal Doppler

LCD – Heart rate range: Sometimes, the movements of your baby in later pregnancy also produce louder noises. We have sold overitems online and pride ourselves in customer service.

The probe should then be angled slowly in search for the fetal heart rate. Ultrasound gel is imperative when doing and exam with a fetal doppler. Fetal Dopplers Vistos Home Use. Use only ultrasound gel FAQ Main.

BT – BISTOS – PDF Catalogs | Technical Documentation

Internal Fetal Monitoring It is an internal monitoring with an electrode attached to the baby’s head to record heart tones, and a pressure catheter to record contractions. All items must be returned within 10 days of receipt.

Early in pregnancy its normal for the fetal heart rate to vary within a reasonable range. There is a heart rhythm indicator as well.


Hi Bebe Bt LCD Fetal Doppler | eBay

The BT Fetal Monitor is perfect for clinics or midwives who want to monitor several patients at a time. Wet Plate Collodian Fetal Sounds A galloping horse is what your baby’s heartbeat will sound like and will be about twice as fast as the mother’s heart rate. How do I use my fetal doppler? As there is no consensus on what this means or how often you should use your fetal doppler it is commonly recommended that like everything in life prudence is the best policy.

This and the fact that a 2mghz probe is much more useful for overweight woman is why we recommend the 2mghz probe and feel it’s a better all around probe FAQ Main.

Bistos Hand Held Fetal Doppler (BT-200)

You can store information on up to patients at once. This is called the Doppler Effect and was discovered by Austrian mathematician and physicist, Christian Doppler Where as an average adult heart rate at rest is between BPM. Electronic Biatos Monitoring This is an ultrasound device used during labor and birth, or during certain testing non-stress test, contraction stress test, etc.

If you have further questions or concerns about your baby’s heart rate contact your health care provider. Try to keep from dragging the probe around as it will only increase static and make it more difficult bustos find the heartbeat FAQ Main. Conversely, your heart rate will be much less BPM.