Adobe BlazeDS is an open source software that facilitates effective and therefore acts as a starting point for developers who are interested in the subject. Use the links below to download the Apache Flex┬« Blaze DS from one of our mirrors. You must verify the integrity of the downloaded files using signatures. 07/06 – Published the new version of guide. This book contains developer friendly information about the BlazeDS the OpenSource DataService package.

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Select J2EE as the application server type. This logical name is mapped to the Java class name as part of the destination configuration in remoting-config. Because the remoting and messaging technologies use AMF over HTTP they gain the performance benefits of AMF as well as the simplicity of not having to deal with an additional data abstraction layer. Pushing data from the server to the client on the server’s initiative and not as a response to a request.

Much like his love for climbing mountains he enjoys programming because it provides endless new discoveries, elegant workarounds, summits and valleys. Guife example a service class configured as a Spring Bean as follows: Workload distribution Distributing work optimally between a client and its server is an important challenge when architecting RIA.

This breaks the lazy loading semantics, rendering the idea of proxies useless. Until that, if you use hibernate and BlazeDS your must eagerly load all attributes and objects, which is a tremendous waste edveloper bandwidth and local resources.

The Eeveloper Service allows your Flex application to make cross-domain service requests in blaezds secure and controlled manner.

Getting Started with BlazeDS

Every server technology can easily speak XML since it is a text-based protocol. I have Adobe Builder plugin for Eclipse, version 4.

Applications that run on the desktop with Adobe AIR or in the browser with Flash Player usually connect to a server when they need to load or manipulate data. To make the application more robust and better partitioned, modify the code as follows:. Off the shelf, the Flex framework includes three methods of pull-based communication and data interchange with external data sources:.


Retrieve the list of products In the newly created tutorial-product project, open the tutorial-product.

Getting started with BlazeDS | Adobe Developer Connection

Therefore, multiple server-side messaging alternatives easily work with Flex messaging. In DecemberAdobe made two significant announcements which allow everyone to begin taking advantage of AMF. Over a million developers have joined DZone. The ActionScriptAdapter helps route messages between Flex clients via the server.

A second transient connection, develoer from the browser pool, is needed only when data is sent to the server.

The Producer object allows Flex applications to send messages into the message system. This allows any developer using any technology to easily interact with Flickr by sending simple text-based requests to Flickr.

I suspect it is much faster than XML Deveeloper contracts Cross-domain utility layer Functional decomposition Rules centralization State repository Caching If develpper accessed data is not changing during the course of its reuse it always makes sense to cache it. When the user clicks the send button a new message is created using an anonymous object to set the msg property on the body of the message to the value in the TextInput.

BlazeDS has acces to all resource pooling strategies that any Java EE web application running in an application server has. BlazeDS based message services leverage two types of built-in adapters, namely: Likewise, technology has brought him many adventures, including: A Remoting destination exposes a Java class that your Flex application can invoke remotely.

Set of services that can be managed using JMX agents.

BlazeDS – Wikipedia

ServiceAdapter abstract class sits at the root of the hierarchy. Add a destination called tutorial-product defined as follows: A channel can be configured as follows: Matching endpoints and channels are paired, and that’s when a Flex client and BlazeDS server talk to each other.

The settings should look similar to these you may need to adjust the exact folder based on your own settings: In the blazeds-server project, open remoting-config. In a Spring BlazeDS server, three types of message service components can interact with the Flex message service. Responses from BlazeDS follow the route back up from the endpoint to the channel.


If the accessed data is not changing during the course of its reuse it always makes sense to cache it. HTTP request-response Web services Remote procedure calls involving objects A possible demoting configuration could be as follows: Update products Modify the tutorial-product. Clustering Clustered instances of BlazeDS share data and messages across instances. The in-built data push mechanism has a few limitations as far as high throughput and high volume goes but there are ways to get around this shortcoming.

Invocation of remote Java methods from a Flex application. When a message is published to a destination you subscribed to, the message event is triggered on the Consumer. Subscribe to our industry email notices? Jun 01, 11 min read by Shashank Tiwari James Ward. You need to be careful about performance of AMF This section describes how to build a simple inventory management application that demonstrates the BlazeDS Remoting Service.

Simply put, at the heart of BlazeDS is a Servlet that bootstraps the infrastructure that intercepts all calls between a Flex client and the BlazeDS instance.

This means you must have a way that all requests coming from the Flex client and intended to be handled by the BlazeDS instance are routed by the DispatcherServlet to the MessageBroker. The JavaAdapter included in lbazeds configuration example, is a built-in adapter for plain Java objects, which are also sometimes referred to as POJOs. Applications using AMF can eliminate an unnecessary data abstraction layer and communicate more efficiently with servers.

Building Web and Desktop Applications with BlazeDS and AMF

You could also just use a Spring or Pojo layer between Hibernate and Blaze. Look at the next two figures for some insight into the context.

When the object returns a value, that value is serialized into AMF and returned to the Flex application.