The Climb: Tragic Ambitions on Everest [Anatoli Boukreev, G Weston Dewalt, Lloyd James] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This is the. The Climb: tragic ambitions on Everest by Anatoli Boukreev and G. Weston DeWalt. New York: St. Martin’s Griffin, ISBN A mountaineer’s account of the fatal Everest climb which killed eight people .

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I have also learned that fillings in teeth crack at this altitude.

Anatoli deserves more credit th Anatoli is the man It was a little hard to read about these tragic events again but I think it’s important to read this book as well as Into Thin Air. What respect I had for Krakauer limited because he was very unpleasant about one of the women who had climbed with him after sucking up to her enough to chat to her on the phone for hours has plummeted, Boukreev was a hero saving 3 people from certain death, and everything he says is corroborated by fact and sometimes by photograph.

Weston DeWalt No preview available – Boukreev was worried about the fitness of the clients from the start, and having never guided before, was unsure of what was actually required of him, something that Fischer never seemed to explain. The villians were the weather, consisting of a storm that blew up from the Indian Ocean, which nobody knew was coming, and the unfortunate bad luck of the two expedition leaders, Scott Fischer and Rob Hall, who both stayed on the mountain too late in the day and thus pressed their luck, and who would both still be alive today had either one turned around earlier.

Krakauer suggests that Boukreev demonstrated a lack of leadership and questionable concern for the climbers he was guiding. After reading Boukreev’s book, I think Krakauer did take some cheap, uninformed shots. If you have read Krakauer, you must read this book.

Maybe not quite as well written, the book is still essential reading for anyone who wants a better understanding of the disaster. Sadly, there will be no more books by this extraordinary ths as he perished in an avalanche on Annapurna in Dec. As a guide he has more to tell about the preparations of the trip and it is a matter of taste whether you prefer it to Krakauer’s “human interest” approach. In fact, he wasn’t at all.


The Climb (book) – Wikipedia

Pages to import images to Wikidata. View all 6 comments. Weston DeWalt New York: To view it, click here. Neither Anatoli Boukreev nor his co-author possesses Krakauer’s well-honed journalistic skills. Published July 15th by St. Anatoli Boukreev was one of the world’s foremost high-altitude mountaineers. Immediately it is clear from the get-go that the expedition leaders make some crucial mistakes and cut corners in their ambition to grab the brass ring — getting as many people to the summit as possible.

So I found his parts to be a bit presumptuous-and it was hard to take him at face value. Most books on climbing focus on the technical difficulties of climbing, the motivation, the mental state. A great book to read, especially if you’ve already read Into Thin Air!

The result was that most climbers summited far too late for safety. A fascinating account of what happened on Mount Everest in May of See more book details 14 Thd I have no experience climbing anything larger than small stone and so I have no way to judge the authenticity of either story, but common sense would seem to dictate that both could be right since they are both very personal stories told cpimb the participants, all of whom were under an enormous amount of stress and whose perspective will naturally have been shaped by their very limited personal view of events.

Anyone interested in Everest.

Jun 28, Jocelynne Broderick rated it it was ok. Unfortunately, I must admit that the lack of the personal angle – feelings, the big picture, whatever – does make the ths drier and slightly less compelling. While Krakauer concentrated on his personal experience, Boukreev gives a wider and more technical account of the expedition. Did yhe stick together and build teamwork? However, I respect Boukreev as a client but don’t feel he made the best guide.


To ask other readers questions about The Climbplease sign up. Retrieved 9 October This book was incredible. While the text makes valid points defending Boukreev’s actions, there are some unnecessary jabs at Krakauer, which fail to fully appreciate that he was a less experienced client, not a expedition guide. The idea was, apparently, that anyone Fischer passed on his sweep would be turned around boukrewv sent back down, as if he passed them it meant it would take them too long to keep going and get back safely before their oxygen ran out.

As you read this book you get to know Anatoli’s character more and you come to understand boukrrev a lot better.

Mother Nature is unforgiving of anyone who bites off more than they can chew. And it tells the truth flawlessly.

Anatoly Boukareev’s account of the disaster is a great narrative of the tragic event, but it also removes several lies propagated by Jon Krakauer in his book. Views Read Edit View history.

The Climb: Tragic Ambitions on Everest

Another way that it differs from Jon Krak’s book is that it gives detailed stories about the months before the Everest climb when the guides had to go early and set things up with the Sherpas. To understand “The Climb” one pretty much needs to also have read “Into Thin Air”, another account of the disaster authored by Jon Krakauer, who was also among those involved. Opinion seems to be sharply divided about the clumb of the accident between the Krakauer and Boukreev camps.