Breezing forms makes it a lot easier to maintain your forms (export your forms and import on other sites of your – even interchange your forms with breezing forms. Breezing Forms is a professional form builder to create contact forms and any kind of Package system: Create your forms once and export them to other sites . Some of my forms need to go into Breezing Forms. Is it possible to export?.

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Breezing Forms

WEEKS to solve a problem. One template is exporh record exports, the other for breezinforms. After installation and enabling the plugin, a new form element type appears in breezingfkrms view’s form type settings. Hi, Documentation is available for the public under this link: Also make sure you enter the SMTP login and server data correctly if required by the server and that you give a proper Mailfrom address.

Add your Breezing Forms submissions as new or updating contacts right into the Constant Contact cloud service. Five stars out of five possible. You can either turn on auto recognition of video communities, limit to a certain community or just use self-hosted videos. More advanced things like altering the code can often be found in the forums. You have control over every aspect of your forms.

Help! My CSV export makes no sense

Create a full range of features like contacts, calculations, payments, google maps or anything you can think of. For those out there with a component such as Breezing Forms installed on your site, you may have experienced an issue when exporting the records, where all the information in the CSV is listed in one column.

I have successfully created 3 Breezing Forms forms on a Joomla site and would like to know the best way to use the form data saved to the database to fill a PDF form, then be emailed to a specific address as a final step when the form is completed by the user.


Support I appreciate staff’s patience, time, and intelligence. Support Issues resolved in last two months: You essentially have two ways to fill the PDF form: Ease of use Some elements, like radio buttons, would be easier to configure with separate form fields instead of semi colon separated expressions. Breezing Forms supports responsiveness and theme support but it also gives you the ability to display your form optimized for mobile devices.

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Unfriendly to the user. Jan Slabon 2, 2 7 Ask more questions in our forums. Mar 14 Date added: By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

News and Updates Get informed about new downloads, updates and more in our News and Updates newsletter. Hi I exporg been using breezing forms for a while now but its still not obvious breezinhforms me how to save out a form?

Unlimited features Breezing Forms is not artificially limited with its features. The only free form builder with enterprise features.

Go back to Hosting and Support. The following information is logged: Will address that in the next updates. In an effort to provide you with the best brfezingforms possible, here we outline the two most common issues and their solutions. This useful ContentBuilder plugin lets you define custom readmore links to your content templates. Less Features due to being the breezing forms version, no Bootstrap forms support Full access to the documentation and live examples Basic forum support read-access Else than that breezing forms contain almost all of the features of the full forms version.

Ease of use Very good. Help us to create new breezingformw and plugins!


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Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. I have very serious doubts you spent “hundreds of hours”.

Breezing Forms, by CROSSTEC – Joomla Extension Directory

We will get back to you shortly in our support forum. This is most likely a permission issue. Free and very feature-rich forms extension Create professional Joomla! Nearly perfect Jocke Lavett 1. Manage event registrations as part of an association. CacheControl is an easy to use plugin where you can define eport what pages and components caching should be turned off.

Functionality Awsome component full of dynamic features, perfect for many kind of usages. This was the exact topic I was looking for, only Breeziingforms still having problems. As far as I remember it needed special attention as there was some custom demand requested. Ease of use Very complete component therefore requires a grip.

Support This is the reason I’m writing this review. Just use Joomla and BreezingForms on all your sites, it will be easier Denis.

php – Using Breezing Forms form data to fill a PDF form – Stack Overflow

Or add a new Widget and select the forms to display. Is it possible to export a form from Breezing Forms and then import it into a Non Joomla site? Breezing forms version can be turned into a form based CCK replacing its native forms: If you need a simple contact form or a fully fledged form app, check it out, as it will most likely fit your needs.