Perfect for migrating to Java from a fellow object-oriented language (such as C ++), the second edition of Thinking in Besides getting the reader to think in objects, Thinking in Java also covers other APIs in Java 2. Bruce Eckel · Homepage. Thinking in Java [Bruce Eckel] on *FREE* Thinking in Java has earned raves from programmers worldwide for its Effective Java (3rd Edition). Finished test framework and integrated all test- instrumented Thinking in. Java. Third Edition Bruce Eckel. President, MindView , Inc.

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Eck Java Programming Wikibooks.

Because the language continues to grow, it became necessary—partly so that the book would not overstretch its bindings—to reevaluate the meaning of “fundamentals. More than virtually any other book, Thinking in Java helps you understand not just what to do — but why.

Thinking in Java, 3rd ed. Revision

Despite the bulk, I feel like there may be enough alternatives to satisfy you. This result alone can save incredible amounts of time and money, but Java doesn’t stop there. In addition, I can only assume that such a complaint comes from someone who is yet to be acquainted with the vastness of the Java language itself and has not seen the rest of the books on the subject.

Network programming has always been hard, and Java makes it easy and the Java language designers are working on making it even easier. Some of the best thinking about objects is in this book, including when to use composition over inheritance.


Interchangeable objects with polymorphism. Error Handling with Exceptions.

Thinking in Patterns with Java also downloadable at the Web site. Learning to Program with Robots by Byron Weber Becker – Course Technology This book is an innovative approach to learning introductory object-oriented programming.

I had already decided that when the next version of Java JDK 1. But as time passed and I studied it more deeply, I began to see that the fundamental intention of this language was different from other languages I had seen up to that point. Students learn more rapidly and effectively, and can master significant new concepts and techniques even in brief periods of study. This book is a case in point.

Information is about talking to each other: In all ways—creating the programs, working in teams to create the programs, building user interfaces so the programs can communicate with the user, running the programs on different types of machines, and easily writing programs that communicate across the Internet—Java increases the communication bandwidth between people.

The 16 chapters in this book produce what I think is a fundamental introduction to the Java language. The esoteric details of Java in regard to defining classes are thoroughly laid out. Also, because anyone can freely download the JDK from java.

For editiion, 10 pages of sample code show all of the available operators. Eckel introduces all the basics of objects as Java uses them; then walks carefully through the fundamental concepts underlying all Java programming — including program flow, initialization and cleanup, hiding implementations, reusing classes and polymorphism. Object-Oriented Problem Solving by Ralph Morelli, Ralph Walde – Prentice-Hall Functional and flexible, this guide takes an objects-first approach to Java programming and problem using games and puzzles.


Believe it or not, I have worked hard to keep it small. The need for RTTI. R3d you need it on paper, I know of people who print a chapter at a time and carry it in their briefcase to read on the train. Interrupting a blocked thread.

For beginners and experts alike. Add To My Wish List. Most people don’t want to read the entire book on screen, and hauling around a sheaf of papers, no matter how nicely printed, didn’t appeal to them either. Creating your own exceptions.

Thinking in Java, 3rd Edition

Thorough coverage of fundamentals; demonstrates advanced topics. Other Things You Might Like. Reviews, Ratings, and Recommendations: If I had been of a more conservative nature I wouldn’t have done it, but I really didn’t want to write another computer book in the same old way. A number of the existing examples have had very significant redesign and reimplementation.

I didn’t know what would happen but it turned out to be the smartest thing I’ve ever done with a book.

Thinking in Java by Bruce Eckel

The progress of abstraction. Updated to cover Java version 1. As we talk to each other more, amazing things edkel to happen, possibly more amazing even than the promise of genetic engineering. Java and the Internet.

Because of the value of this feedback, I have created several incarnations of a system called “BackTalk” to collect and categorize comments.