Model © Sears, Roebuck and Co., Hoffman Estates, IL U.S.A. If this CRAFTSMAN Multimeter fails to give complete satisfaction within one year. Owner’s Manual AutoRanging Digital MultiMeter Model No. CAUTION: Read, understand and follow Safety Rules and Operating Instructions in this. Craftsman Digital Mini Multimeter – Voltage Testers – Amazon. com.

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Follow all safeguards suggested in this manual. Accuracy specifications consist of two elements: High-voltage circuits, both AC and DC, are very dangerous and should be measured with great care. The rules listed below must be carefully followed for safe operation.

The display will indicate the proper decimal point and value. Got it, continue to print.

On some low AC and DC voltage ranges, with the test leads not connected to a device, the display may show a random, changing reading. Set the function switch to the position. Open the fuse door by loosening the screw on the door using a Phillips head screwdriver. Insert the black test lead banana plug into the negative COM jack.


To avoid electric shock, do not test any diode that has voltage on it. Improper use of this device can result in injury or death. For current measurements up to mA AC, set the function switch to the mA range and insert the red test lead banana plug into the mA jack.

Doing so can damage the meter. DO NOT service this device if you are not qualified to do so. The reading will stabilize and give a proper measurement when connected to a circuit.

CRAFTSMAN Calibration – Micro Precision

Insert the batteries into battery holder, observing the correct polarity. Read the temperature in the display. To avoid electric shock, do not operate your meter until the fuse door is cradtsman place and fastened securely. Check to be sure the batteries are properly installed. DO NOT use chemicals, cleaning solvents, or detergents. In addition to the normal safety precautions used in working with electrical circuits. Don’t show me this message again. If you wish to measure temperature in C, set the function o switch to the C range.

Be sure that the thermocouple has been removed before changing to any other measurement function. Secure with the two screws. Put the fuse door back in place. Dispose of the old batteries properly.


Put the battery door back in craftsmam. Insert the Temperature Probe into the Temperature Socket, making sure to observe the correct polarity. Here are some common problems that you may have and some easy solutions to them. For maximum safety, the meter and its test leads should not be handled when these terminals are energized.

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Touch the test probe tips to the circuit or wire you wish to check. To avoid electric shock, do not operate the meter until the battery door is crafteman place and fastened securely. Electrical Testing Item No. Temperature extremes can shorten the life of the electronic parts and distort or melt plastic parts.

Check to be sure the batteries are good. Troubleshooting Electrical Testing Item No.