Abstract. QUEVEDO O, Catalina; MORALES V, Sonia P and ACOSTA C, Alejandro. Scenedesmus sp GROWTH IN DIFFERENT CULTURE mediums FOR . EVALUACIÓN DEL CRECIMIENTO DE LA MICROALGA Scenedesmus sp. E. No description. by. on 25 October Tweet. Crecimiento de Scenedesmus quadricauda en efluentes cloacales de la ciudad de Trelew, Chubut, Argentina.

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Changes in light intensity would result in variations in the pigment composition, concentrations of the components of electron transport chains, carboxylic enzyme activities, photosynthetic rates, dark respiration rates and biochemical composition Bartual et al. Growth The growth of immobilized S. Elsevier Academic Press Amsterdam.

Effect of immobilized microalgal bead concentrations on wastewater nutrient removal. In the analysis of P-I curves it is important to take into account the conditions of the culture, such as high cell density cultures, which may cause considerable light attenuation.

Hyperconcentrated cultures of Scenedesmus obliquus: Taking into consideration the amount of ammonium at the end of the 42 h of cultivation 6.


Every 6 h the numbers of cells in the beads were counted with a particle analyzer model Beckman Coulter Multisizer 3, after dissolving one bead in 5 mL of 0. All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

Alginate beads as synthetic inoculant carriers for the slow release of bacteria that affect plant growth. En un estudio sobre la ultraestructura de las esferas de alginato Lebsky et al. This difference could probably be due to the different conditions of the cultures. Conclusions The photosynthetic parameters obtained for immobilized S. Nitrite uptake by Chlamydomonas reinhardtii cells sceneeesmus in calcium alginate.


Características fotosintéticas y crecimiento de Scenedesmus obliquus inmovilizada en alginato

La microalga Scenedesmus obliquus fue inmovilizada en esferas de Ca-alginato en dos densidades celulares del cultivo 6. However, in contrast to free-cell cultures, the appropriate light intensity obtained within the light limitation zone P-I curves did not cause a high biomass production and protein content. The beads in each reactor were kept in suspension and mixed by means of small air diffusers through which compressed air filtered through an activated carbon filter was introduced. Otros trabajos iniciales fueron los de Van Donk et al.

Both growth rates were lower than those reported for S. A similar trend was reported by Bartual et al. Results in the present study suggest that cellular activity of immobilized cells decreases as stocking density increases, as noted by the lower photosynthetic rate P and Ej obtained in cultures with high cell density beads Table 1.

Ammonia removal and biomass characteristic of alginate-immobilized Scenedesmus obliquus cultures treating real wastewater. A valid consideration is that if nutrients are not limiting and physiological conditions are optimal, then the photosynthetic activity is controlled only by light intensity. Effect of intermittent CO 2 enrichment during nutrient starvation on tertiary treatment of wastewater by alginate-immobilized Scenedesmus bicellularis.

Results and Discussion Activity of immobilized algae The photosynthetic rates reached for high and low stocking density of immobilized S. This could be dde, because the cultures can work with a wide range of intensity of light in tropical regions.

Por otra parte, el hecho de que S.

The changes in P max ratio in relation to the initial cellular density within beads allowed to reach the best conditions for the immobilized systems. The photosynthetic rates reached for high and low stocking density of immobilized S.


Effects of different methods of processing on the protein efficiency ratio of the green alga Scenedesmus acutus. This may be caused by the previous adaptation of S. Consecuentemente, sus tasas de crecimiento fueron relativamente altas en todos los tratamientos. Immobilized microalgae for removing pollutants: Immobilization method Prior to immobilization, the stock suspension of microalgae was centrifuged at rpm for 15 min and the cell pellets were washed twice with distilled water to remove the residual nutrients that might adhere to the cell surface.

This suggests that after immobilization the microalga S. Services on Demand Article. Light is an important variable in the design and operation of microalgae culture systems and bioreactors Andersen, The relationship between photosynthesis and light for natural assemblages of coastal marine phytoplankton. The photosynthetic variables obtained for immobilized S. Las dos irradiancias no mostraron diferencias significativas en las tasas de crecimiento 0.

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Culture Methods and Growth Measurement. Ten beads and stock suspensions of S. I curve indicated the specific irradiance that allows a maximum photosynthetic rate without reaching photo-inhibition.

Both irradiances showed that only around 5.

Nitrogen budget in Scenedesmus obliqqus cultures with artificial wastewater. Therefore, it was concluded that the light intensities sccenedesmus in the present study not had significant effects in the growth and protein content in beads with low cells stocking.

Efficiency of immobilized hyperconcentrated algae for ammonium and orthophosphorus removal from wastewater.

Physiology of alginate immobilized Chlorella. Scenedesmus obliquus, photosynthesis, immobilized cells protein content.