Editorial Reviews. From the Publisher. Piers Anthony [Xanth] — Piers Anthony redefined the Crewel Lye (Xanth Book 8) – Kindle edition by Piers Anthony. A knight of ghosts and shadows! Jordan was a ghost in Castle Roogna now, spending his time with little five-year-old Ivy and watching his own past unfold. Crewel Lye: A Caustic Yarn is the eighth book of the Xanth series by Piers Anthony.

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It’s a love story told to a 5-year-old audience with sex, betrayal and bitter regret! He continually refers to himself as this backward barbarian who isn’t altogether bright while at the same time drewel a vocabulary that would put to shame the greatest of English professors at many a college.

Crewel Lye: a Caustic Yarn

Pre-teen Harry Potter Fans. In a flashback, we hear all about Jordan’s unfortunate life: Looking for beautiful books? To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Jordan was turned into a ghost because of a crewel lye, but Princess Ivy wants to know more. Unfortunately, the evil magician Yin-Yang had already claimed Threnody to be his wife, and was willing to do anything to have her.

Surely she, or someone else around her, might have figured this out before someone else had to steal her creel to teach it to her. I was extremely pleased with this book. After Princess Ivy cleans the tapestry of hist I’m happy to report that Crewel Lye is much improved over the previous book in the series, Dragon on a Pedestal.


Crewel Lye: a Caustic Yarn : Piers Anthony :

And he knowingly uses his borrowed body to bamboozle lyr trick men, with the language in the book repeatedly assigning the lying, the trickery, and the manipulation to “feminine” abilities that just creweo naturally to a woman.

Its an easy going read; the story flows well. May 15, Chris rated it liked it Shelves: Anthony’s intent from the start – but if he referred to the fact even once, it would be ruined. British Coronet Books, 1st UK paperback printing, rare British science fiction vintage paperback, decent copy, oye wear to spine and edges, light creaes to cover, still solid VG. I also love the sea monster who tells the story about how humans in Mundanea, the name for our world on Earth, misunderstand him as having an appetite for damsels in distress when, in fact, he always tries to rescue them.

Oct 22, Sarah J rated it it was ok Shelves: She kills him and scatters in remains in different spots.

Crewel Lye (Xanth #8) by Piers Anthony

Jordan had the magical talent of self-healing — which lyw in handy as he was cut, stabbed, and dismembered during his travels. He had been betrayed with a cruel lie by two wily magicians and the woman he loved. Humor, romance, and adventure all rolled in one book. It serves well to broaden the world of Xanth as one more historical chapter.

Overall one of the concepts bugged me–ghosts only exist in Xanth if they have unresolved issues to tie up, and it seems like at SOME point within the last four hundred years somebody might have asked this poor Jordan fellow what they could do to help him, right?


It tells the story of when he was alive.

Crewel Lye

He finds himself the subject of a betrayal at the hands of a woman. She is talking to a ghost and wanting to know his story, and she uses the magic tapestry to actually watch the story unfold, in much the same way that we watch television. Has wear to the cover and pages.

Now, there is mention of the Adult Conspiracy in this book, and while this rings a bell, it is not clear as to what it is – yet. D and C Books Published: I’d say more but I don’t want to spoil the book.

He didn’t know what just lyr the compass would show him. When Jordan was alive he was motivated by a quest for advent Another satisfying entry in the Xanth series, but quite different from the action-packed previous installment that I read.

This book is likely the best of the Xanth novels, in my opinion, as it spends the most time in that position. Now, if he only can remember how he was killed, he’ll be able to reassemble his body.

Any time a child character, from this point on, tries to understand how parents summon the stork to leave a baby under a cabbage leave in their gardens, he or she becomes stymied.