Blond Eckbert is an opera by Scottish composer Judith Weir. The composer wrote the English-language libretto herself, basing it on the cryptic supernatural short story Der blonde Eckbert by the German Romantic writer Ludwig Tieck. ALTHOUGH Ludwig Tieck’s Mdrchen-. Erzihlung, “Der blonde Eckbert” (),’ has provoked a major psychoanalyst and several literary critics and scholars to. 2 Ludwig Tieck, Der blonde Eckbert, Mdrchen-Erzdihlungen. Mit einem. Nachwort von Konrad Nufbiicher ([Reclams] Universal-Bibliothek Nr. ; Stuttgart.

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Walther, for many years, had been his sole companion; and now this person was the only mortal in the world whose existence pained and oppressed him. But again his apprehensions, and the fear of being hated and abhorred, withheld him. I wished from my ludqig heart to be clever, and could not understand how Gieck should be worse than the other children of the place. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Der Blonde Eckbert

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Wikisource has original text related to this article: He recognises Weir’s ear for orchestration and graceful writing but feels she could have done more with it. The world did not seem as wondrous as I had supposed it would be, but as I had more or less forgotten the old woman and my former abode, I was quite genuinely content.

Tieck’s narrative raises many questions, none of which can be answered simply, and all of which have provided critics and readers with ever-changing analyses and interpretations.

Perhaps the most banal question is at once the farthest-reaching: But when I reached the top, there was nothing still, so far as my eye could reach, but a wilderness of crags and precipices, all was covered with a dim haze; the day was gray and troubled, and no tree, no meadow, not even a bush could I find, only a few shrubs shooting up stunted and solitary in the narrow clefts of the rocks.


Through tide after tide. Now a stooped, crookbacked old woman with a walking stick came stalking up the hill.

Der Blonde Eckbert by Ludwig Tieck

The dog cringed and whimpered in face of this unwontedly harsh treatment; he gazed at me with supplicating eyes, but I was afraid of what might happen if I took him with me. He led a retired life, had tieeck interfered in the feuds of his neighbours; indeed, beyond the outer wall of his castle he was seldom to be seen. In a word, they seemed inseparable. My sole joy pursued, Sylvan solitude! But not everything is joyful, for the story breaks with the fairy-tale tradition of a happy ending. Did he happen to guess the correct name, or did he know it already and mention it deliberately?

Eckbert the Blond – Wikisource, the free online library

tiwck After discovering the German word ‘Waldeinsamkeit’ and learning it was coined by Ludwig Tieck in this story, I sought it out and stored it away to blnode later. Upon rising from bed I found the very sight of the bird repellent; it kept staring at me, and its presence made me nervous. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. What do you make of this, Eckbert? What joy to lurwig. Walther, too, retired to bed; only Eckbert remained awake, pacing restlessly up and down in the banqueting room.

Catherine Malone rated it liked it May 03, After eckbbert while, however, the desire of living gained the mastery; I roused myself, and wandered forward amid tears and broken sobs all day; in the end, I hardly knew what I was doing; I was tired and spent; I scarcely wished to live, and yet I feared to die.

Eckbert spurred his horse as fast as it could gallop, over meads and forests, till it sank exhausted to the earth.

Eckbert returned to town with a lighter heart.

A live recording of the original cast of the two-act version of Blond Eckbert has ludwih released on CD. There were many hours in which he felt so much impressed with his entire worthlessness, that he believed no mortal not a stranger to his history, could entertain regard for him.

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And blonee I rate stories according to the enjoyment I had reading them, it had to be three stars. Der Blonde Eckbert by Ludwig Tieck.

It now occurred to his mind that Walther had not taken leave of him so cordially as might have been expected after such a mark of trust: I thought I heard the rushing of a mill afar off; I redoubled my steps; and how glad, how light of heart was I, when at bloonde I actually gained the limits of the barren rocks, tiieck saw woods and meadows lying before me, with soft green hills in the distance!

My husband says you have lufwig generous a mind, that it is not right in us to hide aught from you. The rocks about me now assumed a different and far stranger form. Oct 15, Miriam rated it liked it Shelves: A glad barking reached us, and immediately a little nimble dog came springing round the old woman, fawned on her, and wagged its tail; it next came to me, viewed me on all sides, and then turned back with a friendly look to its old mistress.

For a great while after this occurrence, Eckbert lived ludwi the deepest solitude: Retrieved from ” https: Will he not somehow exploit what he has learned? With this man Hugo was conversing; they were speaking privately, and casting looks at Eckbert.

One morning she sent for her husband to her bedside; the nurses were ordered to withdraw. In looking for an explanation, he suggests that the figure of Walther in his various forms is a representation of memory and his murder as a sign of how what is remembered is intolerable. Eckbert goes insane and dies.

This is an amazing and short story of a child who runs away from home after being abused by her cruel father, who constantly says she’s useless.