Hello, I am exporting all data from a table to excel and pdf. It works ok with the columns, but I can´t export the footer and caption tag. I have tryed. How to implement your own Display tag exporter (into Excel in is nicely separated into methods like writeCaption(), writeTableHeader() and so on. . ExcelView exporter or the separate Exporting data. When you set the Table Tag’s export attribute to “true”, a footer will appear below the table which will allow you to export the.

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String sortable Set to ‘true’ to make the column sortable. Attributes Name Description Type dis;laytag html pass through attribute. This site uses cookies. The way we want it to look like.

The name of the request parameter that will be dynamically added to the generated href URL.

If you use this tag in Struts, or in some other framework where the page is included via a jsp: String defaultorder The default order for the sorted column. Of course my initial primal instinct was to reinvent the wheel and design some neat text format and some kind of parser for it. If no “htmlId” is specified the same value will be used for the html id of the generated table.

If this attribute is provided, then the column’s displayed is limited to this number of words. I have pasted my code below. String property name of the property in the bean specified in the parent table tag via the “name” attribute mapped to this column String scope “scope” html attribute.


Export footer and caption to excel/pdf | Go4Expert

Many of cqption tables in our product are generated based on selections the user makes and we want these selections to be visible in the exports they make. So I clearly need my own writeCaption in the HssfTableWriter and need generate my custom caption there. Use a TableDecorator to provide custom operations against the whole list, such as computing totals.

If this attribute is not included, then no grouping is performed. Using an the export filter, especially in buffered mode, could solve the problem, since the output stream is requested by the filter outside the JSP. When you set the Table Tag’s export attribute to “true”, a footer will appear below the table which will allow you to export the data being shown in various formats.

Hi, as I replied to judy earlier, I cannot share our proprietary code but I can try to help you if you explain in more detail what you are trying to do, what you have done and what is the problem. Theres one final thing to do in order dixplaytag enable the new export classes. String maxLength If this attribute is provided, then the column’s displayed is limited to this number of characters.

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Have a look at this source code for batter explanation. The default sort order for this column. Tag Library EL The display tag library is an open source suite of custom tags that provide high level web presentation patterns which will work in a Captikn model, and provide a significant amount of functionality while captiion being simple and straight-forward to use.


By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. A simple PDF export view is also available.

This is version 1. You will be able to export you caption too but to do that you need to give some labor for that. String href The base URL used to construct the dynamic link. The column won’t be added to the table if the current request media is not supported.

Export footer and caption to excel/pdf

See the export page in the example webapp for more details. The following table lists the predefined export options included in displaytag distribution. String style html pass through attribute.

ExcelView exporter or the separate org. The exporting functionality is very basic and especially the output of the default Excel export implementation looks quite crappy: Fully qualified class name for a TableDecorator.

Resource key used to lookup the title value. Be careful on using this attribute for String which can didplaytag html tags or entities, or together with the autolink attribute turned on: This answer will give some explanation Read this answer.