Edasseri Govindan Nair was a prominent Indian poet from kuttippuram,in mallapuram, Kerala who wrote in his native Malayalam tongue. His works include 19 books and over poems in 10 anthologies, 6 books. Complete collection of poems by Edasseri Govindan Nair, compiled and edited by Prof K Gopalakrishnn with foreword. The collection is introduced by N V. About this poem and poet: Edasseri Govindan Nair is Malayalam Poet & Playwright who used his poems and plays to fight against cruelty based traditional.

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Attoor Ravi Varma K.

After working as a edasery apprentice under Sankarettan for ten months, Edasseri joined M. Kurup Olappamanna Subramanian Namboothirippad P.

Chandrasekharan Narendra Prasad S. Meera Prabha Varma K. Edasseri remained active till end of his life.

The decadent bourgeois order, Entitled joint-family To hell, let it go! He was not a Sakteya follower of Sakti cult as many believed him to be.

At the end kavithakql seven years when he decided to return to Kuttippuram, Edasseri was not very confident professionally. Edasseri never recovered from this sense of unredeemed debt. Sahitya Akademi Award for Malayalam language.

A Collection of Poems: When Philosophies Sleep – Edasseri Govindan Nair

It was a regular meeting place of edasser like V. But, on moments when I have to edasdery upon hunger and lovelessness — the facts of life which had eternally nagged me — I find that godly humility and respect towards philosophical doctrines leave me in a jiffy.


Net banking facility of most of the leading banks are available. The poet’s philosophy is aptly reflected in the following verse:. He left his job in Kozhikode and returned to Kuttippuram.

Edasseri Kavithakal

Radhakrishnan Olappamanna O. This trait obviously did not make them any dearer to those under whom they were working. Retrieved from ” https: All Visa and MasterCard debit cards issued in India are accepted.

Cherukad Lalithambika Antharjanam Sugathakumari N.

Krishna Pillai C. As for Manjoor, he never overcame poverty so much so that in the later years when on occasions he visited Edasseri, despite his own unenviable finances the latter would secretly place some cash in his friend’s pocket without the knowledge even of his wife.

Edasseri Govindan Nair

Edasseri did not dispute his employer, but had to remain humble. The spell of indisposition put an abrupt end to his life when on 16 October he suffered a massive heart attack at his breakfast table. She must wait to wed, What has been ordained one cannot amend Even by a dot, try till the days do end.

Sahitya Akademi Award for Malayalam language. Click the checkout button to proceed for payment which will take you to the page which will display all item in your shopping cart, details about payment. Sreeraman Chandramathi Cherukad E. Years back, her mother, kavithaka a bride, Walked in through the same Sand-strewn yard Facing an auspicious lamp.


But the system had degenerated and neglect of the nephews by the Karanavars had become rampant. The Reading Room soon turned into the intellectual and political nerve centre of Ponani.

When her clothes were torn The daughter darned the lot.

Krishna Menon as a resident assistant clerk. We thus find Edasseri always torn between the office which was his livelihood and literary activities which was indeed his life’s mission. Sukumaran Sethu K. Kesava Menon Uroob G. Indugopan George Onakkoor Gracy I. So much was their eagerness to read the poem that they altogether forgot about the clients waiting for them in their offices!

Faced with the harshness of poverty the son thought only how to take up a paying job so that he could earn sufficient income to save his mother from the pangs of hunger. Kurup Olappamanna Edawsery Namboothirippad P.