Dec 21, Antibes / Sophia Antipolis – Gare Routière Valbonne Sophia Antipolis bus route by Envibus in Nice. Nov 20, Antibes / Sophia Antipolis – Gare Routière Valbonne Sophia Antipolis Via Pin Montard bus route by Envibus in Nice. Relation: Envibus ligne () name, Envibus ligne network, CASA. operator, Envibus. ref, route_master, bus. type, route_master.

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The staff there will provide you with the forms necessary and inform you of the necessary documentation, which may vary depending on the reasons for your stay. So if you are coming on the weekend it would be better for you to book a hotel in Nice. After the first year you will get, if you successfully pass the exams, 60 ECTS European credit Transfer system which are necessary to apply for a second year in Sophia Antipolis or another place in Europe. You can also choose a private health insurance such as here.

To do so, you’ll need the following documents: For those of you who are granted a scholarship, be aware that you will not receive the Labex scholarship immediately usually, you receive it in November. As soon as you get final response from OFII to be a legal alien for one year, then you can proceed with applying for this benefit: Nice bus cg06Antibes bus envibus 1,Cannes bus cg06, Monaco bus cg06Menton bus cg06Grasse busIsola bus cg06 5.


There is a Carrefour in Antibes that has good prices. Tuition Fees The French educational system allows all students to follow their studies with a low cost financial commitment.

More information about the registration procedure will be provided later. Bring an unblocked mobile phone to get easily a French phone number, which makes procedures easier and lets you save money.

Relation History: ‪Envibus ligne ‬ (‪‬) | OpenStreetMap

Tuition fees are approximately Euros for the whole year and cover course expenses only. At Polytech, you may have access to free copying service. Doctors and medical assistance How can a find a doctor? If you want to travel all the Europe Eurail is the best options.


Note that you are free to choose any other way to get the required insurance and bank account, but we provide help only with Credit Agricole. Housing insurance The housing insurance is required to check in your envius at Crous or any other place you have chosen.

Administrative issues When will I receive the letters of admission from the University? Please, be aware that we do not know how other university residences work, so envibjs will not help you for any other housing solution you envkbus choose.

Will I receive a reply at the same time? If you want to know the exact procedure, please visit the local website of The French Consulate.

On your arrival, you 010 need money to lkgne the first rent and the guarantee that is 2 month rents at the residence, the tuition fees and your general expenses. Please refer to www. What kind of documents should I bring with me to France? Once these steps have been completed, your passport, stamped with the visa, and also containing written confirmation that all formalities have been successfully completed, you will be permitted to legally reside in France for the period specified by your visa.


The French authorities have issued you with a long stay visa which allows you to remain in France subject to the following conditions: It includes half board breakfast and dinner during the working days and full board during the weekend breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The public transport network of the Communauté d’Agglomération Sophia Antipolis

How to manage the telephone issue? More information here or here.

The letters will be prepared soon, you will receive them as soon as they are prepared by mail and to your postal address. Is it necessary to open a bank account in France?

So the first thing to do while opening your bank account is to ask and subscribe these insurances.

Winter Holidays Winter Holidays cover the last two weeks of the year. In this page you have all the timetables for the TAM buses which are the regional ones.