PDF | On Sep 1, , Ysabel Izquierdo-Vicario and others published Epworth Sleepiness Scale in a Sample of the Spanish Population. A Spanish version of the Epworth Sleepiness Scale (ESS-Sp) was developed by translation, back-translation, formal discussion, and a meeting of researchers. Participants completed English and Spanish versions of the Sleep Habits Questionnaire, the Epworth Sleepiness Scale, and the Acculturation Rating Scale for.

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Bibliographic references of translations: The ESS score is highly variable when administered sequentially to a clinical population being evaluated for a potential sleep related breathing disorder. It has appropriate measurement properties and should be useful for assessing sleep health in community-based clinics and intervention studies among Spanish-speaking Mexican Americans.

This Spanish-language version of the Sleep Habits Questionnaire may be applied in clinical and research settings as a first step toward addressing sleep health disparities of Spanish-speaking Mexican Americans.


Validation of a Chinese version of the Epworth sleepiness scale. The listed translations may not have undergone a full epwortu validation process and may require further work to be suitable for use in a study.

Epworth Sleepiness Scale (ESS)

Spanish translation and cross-language validation of a Sleep Habits Questionnaire for use in clinical and research settings. Intercorrelations for both language versions show similar and consistent relationships and directions among variables that support what might be expected in clinical and research settings for persons with sleep disturbances, suggesting good criterion validity.


National Academic Press; Their current occupations included physician, nurse, clinic staff members who work with Spanish-speaking patients, and 2 certified hospital translators one translator and one back-translator.

National Center for Health Statistics; Blinded data were reviewed by lay bilingual experts to determine the need for linguistic adjustments based on early comments in this step. The authors gratefully acknowledge Mary Z.

Given the higher levels of education seen in this predominantly Mexican American sample, education as a proxy for socioeconomic status and acculturation were stratified by sleep disorder categories duration, snoring, apnea, insomnia symptoms, other sleep symptoms, restless legs, and sleep disruptors.

Gender differences in sleep disordered breathing in a community-based sample. See Dr Johns personal epworgh.

Overview of methods for developing equivalent measures across multiple cultural groups. Summary This study examined the psychometric properties of the English to Spanish translated, back-translated, and cross-language validated Sleep Habits Questionnaire sledpiness bilingual community-dwelling adults predominantly of Mexican American heritage with Spanish as their first language.

N Engl J Med. Sample size requirements for estimating intraclass correlations with desired precision.

Translation of “epworth sleepiness scale” in Spanish

Exclusive licensor for e-versions of the questionnaire: All 6 translators were of Mexican American heritage with Spanish as their scalf language. Prevalence and impact of sleep disorders and sleep habits in the United States. Evaluation of the measurement properties of the Epworth sleepiness scale: TxReadability from the Accessibility Institute a multi-language readability tool.


Hisp Health Care Int. The author has selected Mapi as exclusive linguistic validation company to ensure the production of harmonized and consistent language versions. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible. The Epworth correlated significantly with snoring, apnea, sleep symptoms, restless legs, and sleep disruptors on both versions, supporting convergent validity.

Because bilingual speakers and certified translators may introduce bias due to using and understanding languages differently than the population to be tested, the back-translators in Step 4 were lay people from local clinics who were more sleeipness of the population under study.

Basic description Developed in and revised in A version for Adolescent has been created in Login SIGN up free.

American Thoracic Society – Epworth Sleepines Scale (ESS)

Numbers of items for each category are listed in Table 3. Hisp J Behav Sci.

Psychometric properties were assessed, including internal consistency, convergent validity, scale equivalence, svale version intercorrelations, and exploratory factor analysis using PASW Version18 software.

Strategies for achieving cultural equivalence.