Fluke a AC Voltage Calibrator Teardown and Repair – Page 1. In summary, the manual puts it best: “DEATH ON CONTACT may result if. FLUKE SA. MAR 3 0 .. temperature using an rms responding meter, ( Fluke B . control is obtained via the A (Manual or Remote Mode). A AC Calibrator for a combined output ranging . The Static Sensitive (S.S.) devices are identified in the Fluke technical manual parts list with the symbol.

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If the positive peaks of the quadrature amplifier and fluoe Amplitude Control voltage are not in balance, U3 will provide a correcting input cur- rent to the summing amplifier on pcb A8.

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The quadrature and oscillator amplifiers, in conjunction with their frequency, select resistors and fre- quency range select capacitors, form a pair of integrators, each providing a phase shift of 90 degrees; or a total phase shift of degrees. Vary the ac differential voltmeter 93 IB dial settings to obtain a precise null. Paragraph A tests harmonic distortion from 20 kHz to kHz using a wave analyzer.

The Power Amplifier has two fixed gain settings of 3 and 30; the latter is used only on the V range. Repair the applicable assembly as required then repeat step If it is desiredprior to operation of the calibra- torto verify its performance against the specif- ications listed in Section 1, refer to the calibra- tion procedure presented in Section 4.

Full text of “FLUKE A Instruction”

The theory is presented first in a simp- lified block diagram description, followed by a functional block diagram description, then in a schematic-level circuit description. When operating in the 1- and volt ranges, the sensing may be inter- nal within the calibrator, or external at the load. Control of the Oscillator output amplitude starts with detection of the positive slope zero crossings of the oscillator amplifier output by amplifier U1 sheet 2.


When in Remote Sense 1, 10 and V ranges and the sense leads are accidently disconnected, the output voltage will not exceed the programmed setting by more than 2. To flyke voltmeter error, pro- ceed as follows: Power Amplifier Zero Calibration The extra capacitance it provides on the three lower ranges offsets the slight isolation of the range- select capacitors on the A9 pcb caused by the distributed inductance of the traces to those capacitors.

The amplitude of the output voltage is controlled by a range selector switch and six decade switches. Manuao the cover over the power supply compartment only. The high out of U is also ap- plied to input D of bcd-to-decimal converters U4 and U5.

Adjustments are made through the marked ports in the instrument com- partment inner cover as shown in Figure Remove the inner cover located in the right section as viewed from the top front. The Oscillator Control Assembly controls oscillator amplitude over a Attenuator Frequency, Range Logic A simplified block diagram of the A is pre- sented in Figure For operation in the volt and volt ranges, the ratio transformers are bypassed.

Maximum volt-hertz product is 1.

The Motherboard Assembly has no active compo- nents. Power Supply Calibration Therefore, the expression on that line OP not operate would be false, implying that the operate condition is true.

Use the following procedure to calibrate the Power Amplifier Bias: Front Motherboard Removal Frequency Selection A list of representative frequencies and their toler- ances are given in Table Both the pcb and its location in the motherboard are color-coded for ease in re- moval and replacement. 5200a following procedure makes the assumption that the tests in Table were sufficiently close to zero to ignore any errors; i.



The Attenuator Assembly is a multilayered pcb. If the DVM has a guard it must be con- nected to the low input terminal. The frequency range of the Oscillator assembly is determined by the selection of feedback capacitors for the quadrature and the oscillator amplifiers. The primary function of the assembly is to com- pare the amplitude control voltage to the positive peaks of the quadrature oscillator output and, as required, provide a correcting input current for the summing amplifier.

If required, reset using the procedure in Section 2. Each of the two inte- grators A2 and A3 has five separate capacitive feedback paths two on this pcb, three on the A9 pcb that can be switched in and out of the circuit to change amnual frequency range of the oscillator. On receipt of the shipping instructions, forward the instrument, transportation prepaid.

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The mankal of the buffer amplifier is fed to a wideband rectifier for conversion to a proportional dc value. AC Line Connection Set the A output to 10 volts on the volt range and kHz on the mmanual range. The A assumes the standby mode after a 30 second warm-up delay when power is initially applied.

Selects desired calibrator control mode: In this manner, the servo action of the amplitude control loop adjusts the Oscillator amplitude in response to load changes and amplitude selection changes.