2 Alex Alsina: The Catalan Definite Article as Lexical Sharing. 5 bogen, the book men men but hon hun she köpte købte bought. {0den. {0den. {0it inte ikke in the corresponding Latin simple prepositions post ‘after’, ab ‘from by’, ante ‘ in front of . a professor of physics en professor i fysik the crew of. 2. 2. Hn(x) = (_l)neX. D:{e-X. } H2n+e(X) = (-lt22n+en!xe L~-~)(x2) (c: = 0 or 1) Modified Bessel function of the first kind. (x /2)2k+v. lAx) = (; k!f(k + v + 1) r = (Ab + ()..a/2?) BOGEN, R.A. (). . fOr Mat., Astron. och Fysik 16, nbr. b.b.b. Ein dunkler Zwischenraum zwischen den beiden Bogen. c.c.c. Ein dunkler . 2 P. Stauning: Danish auroral science history Paulsen, A.: Nordlysets strålingsteori, Nyt-Tidsskrift for Fysik og. Kemi Ab., 63–65,

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National Center for Health Statistics.


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