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Use the pocket knife the remove the parking sign.

Geheimakte 2 – Puritas Cordis (e) Lösung / Walkthrough

Return to the Metro. Use life vest on boat. Look at the lecture schedule on the wall. A football game is on. Use of this walkthrough on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. Use the digital camera on the signpost on the hill.

And, the final blue stone! Look at the wall painting. Use the red mush with the donut plastic to get red cling film.

Use the bottle opener to ring the bell. Introduction The game starts with a movie that shows Brother Matthew of the Parish Church of St. Turn the sign thrice left till it is aligned with the beam. Suspend the mirror from the hook in front of the info stand. Take some wild garlic from the courtyard. Use the Statue of Liberty with the stairs. The hint to this puzzle is in the diary. The food is for the ducks. Pick up the newspaper, tennis ball, and the hula hoop.


Geheimakte 2 – Puritas Cordis (e)

She returns the bikini to the case. Anyway, back to business! Put the white king block in the empty space in the lowest line of the mosaic, i. Return to the sundeck, put the disguise on Nina and take the key-card to Room 2 from komppettlsung barkeep. Walk to the raining side of the bridge.

Pour the water from the tungusska drum into the broken pipe. To open the second temple door. Go to the storeroom. Take the 5 cents and 10 cents from the fountain. Go to the sick bay.

Use the reinforced fence with the river. Use the hat stand with the filled bucket, and hang over the fire to warm. Put the pawn on the square above the white king, i. Something is wrong with Ms. Give the baguette to the homeless man. The diary gives a hint on this puzzle. Return to kompletglsung surveyor and warn him about his car.


Fill the bucket with water kompleftlsung the pool. Take the oar displayed on the wall. Tear the documents and place them at the end of the cable.

Use the illuminated photo with Nina. Go to the doghouse.

Gatineau, France Talk to the surveyor. Geheimakte 2 – Puritas Cordis e.

To ensure that Patterson gets the book before Forrester in the morning.