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The first edition of the Ahiman Rezon was published ina second one in genfral There are at the present time twenty-six universally recognized Supreme Councils of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite: The Pillars Of The Porch.

In the text of the same articles run variation from the edition rexon are given in italics: The same number is adopted by Whitehead [26] “as the pith of the researches of the ablest masonic writers”.

The General Ahiman Rezon & Freemason’s Guide – Daniel Sickels – ebook – Legimi online

Retrieved from ” https: These measures called out gdneral protests from nearly all the Anglo-American and German organs and led to a rupture between the Anglo-American Grand Lodges and the Grand Orient of Generxl. Organization And Statistics Vi. The Masonic “work”, properly so called, is the inner secret ritualistic work by which Masons are made and educated for the outer work, consisting in action for the welfare of mankind according to Masonic principles.

The census of craft masonry is as follows:.

Strictly judicially, even the “Old Ahoman, which, according to Anderson’s “Constitutions”, contain the unchangeable laws, have a legal obligatory character only as far as they are inserted in the “Book of Constitution” of each Grand Lodge. Some authors, considering geological finds as Masonic emblems, trace Masonry to the Miocene? In this situation Freemasonry with its vagueness and elasticity, seemed to many an excellent remedy.

The education thus begun is completed by the whole lodge life, in which every Mason is advised to take an active part, attending the lodge meetings regularly, profiting, according to his ability, by the means which Masonry affords him, to perfect himself in conformity with Masonic ideals, and contributing to the discussions of Masonic themes and to a good lodge government, which is represented as a model of the government of society at large.


Marbach 23″Freemasonry really could be an association and even a secret one of men of the most different ranks of society, assisting and advancing each other, it would be an iniquitous association, and the police would have no more urgent duty than to exterminate it. Like the Royal Society, of which a large and most influential proportion of the first Freemasons were members [36] Masonry professes the empiric or “positivist” geometrical method of reason and deduction in the investigation of truth.

Of the ancient Masons, it is no longer said that they were obliged to “be of the religion” but only “to comply with the Christian usages of each Country”.

General Ahiman Rezon

And even such a stupid Atheist incurs no stronger censure than the simple ascertaining of the fact that he does not rightly understand the art, a merely theoretical judgment without any practical sanction. The Covering Of The Lodge.

This spirit, finally, as exhibited in the new constitutions was in contradiction to that which animated the earlier Masons. There have been many controversies among Masons as to the essential points genedal Masonry.

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Thus the whole controversy turns out to be merely nominal and formal. This “universal religion of Humanity” which gradually removes the accidental divisions of mankind due to particular opinions “or religious”, national, and social “prejudices”, is to be the bond of union among men in the Masonic society, conceived as the model of human association in general.

The principal Templar systems of the eighteenth century were the system of the “Strict Observance”, organized by the swindler Rosa and propagated by the enthusiast von Hundt; and the Swedish system, made up of French and Scottish degrees in Sweden.

Service At The Grave. No private piques nor quarrels about nations, families, religions or politics must by any means or under any colour or pretence whatsoever be brought within the doors of the lodge; for as Masons we are of the most ancient catholic religion, above mentioned and of all nations upon the square, level and plumb; and like our predecessors in all ages we are resolved against political disputes, as contrary to the peace and welfare of the Lodge.


The old Gothic Constitutions candidly enjoined: A brother, then, guilty of rebellion cannot be expelled from the lodge; on the contrary, his fellow Masons are particularly obliged to have pity on his misfortune when he in prison or before the courts has to suffer from the consequences of his rebellion, and give him brotherly assistance as far as they can.

Apart, then, from “mere childish allusions to the minor secrets”, the general tendency of this “History” is to exhibit the “unsectarianism” of Masonry. Moreover, gejeral is to be noticed that the clause declaring belief in the great Architect a condition of admission, was introduced into the text of the Constitutions of the Grand Lodge of England, only in and that the same text says: In English law the word freemason is first mentioned inwhile frank-mason occurs already in an Act of Government Of The Fraternity.

Mackey [25] specifies no less than twenty-five landmarks. A sign sufficed to stop the slaughter; the combatants threw away their arms, ahimaj each other fraternally and at once became friends and Brethren as their oaths prescribed”, and the “Handbuch” [84] declares: The wisdom of this regulation, remarks Mackey [90] “will be apparent when we consider, that if aiman or rebellion were masonic crimes, almost every mason in the United Colonies, inwould have been subject to expulsion and every Lodge to a forfeiture of its warrant by the Grand Lodges of England and Scotland, under whose jurisdiction they were at the time”.

A Mason is obliged by his Tenure to observe the moral law as trueNoahida sons of Noah, the first name of Freemasons and if he rightly understands the craft, he will never be a stupid atheist or an irreligious libertine nor act against conscience.

These injunctions are uniformly summed up in the simple words: Origin And Early History Iii. The three degree system, first practised aboutbecame universal and official only after