Gently Falls the Bakula [Sudha Murty] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. What is more important: a successful career or a happy marriage?. Shrimati and Shrikant are neighbours, whose families don’t get along too well. A tree of Bakula (a fragrant flower) seperates the two homes. Gently falls the Bakula is the story of Shrikant and Shrimati who belong to two hostile communities but fall in love with each other despite all.

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Gently Falls The Bakula- a story about a lower-middle class girl and a boy from a sleepy southern town of Hubli who fall in love and how the man’s career takes precedence over everything else. On the other hand, Shrimati abandons all her dreams and ambitions to help Shrikant make his dreams come true. The graphic description of Aihole, Badami and Pattalakkal encourage the reader to visit the places in case they have not already. And yet, it was very special to him.

You might say that modern culture is different but look closelyIs it really that different?

Gently Falls the Bakula – Sudha Murty – Google Books

Somehow this book reminded me of Lowland. The title fits the whole story perfectly. She is the one responsible for her situation now. Shrikant holds ground against his mother who wants him to marry another girl.

Gently Falls The Bakula was one such book for me. I even tried writing what could’ve happened after Shrimati’s departure. Or will she give her marriage another chance Or she decides to live the life she has been living… Or will she break free… You need to read the book to know more and trust me there is more to the book than I have written.

Book review : Gently falls the bakula

Post schooling, Shrimati chooses to follow her heart and pursues historywhile Shrikant wants to be an achiever and pursues engineering.

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It pulls the emotional cords of our heart thus conveying the message. It is a te circle. Characters are really well written, and plot holds the imagination of the reader up to the last page.

Shrimati, in desperation, tries to get Shrikant to give her some time, but gets chided by him. Selected pages Title Page. I felt She was too submissive than needed. Aflls entertainment quotient was high enough for me to recommend this book to people who like dramas and general fiction.

Shrikant joins an IT company and starts rapidly climbing the corporate ladder.

Read on to know how Shrimati decides to live for her. Shrimati loves History so chooses this, while Shrimaan selected the subjects which can make him go in IT field. Sep 14, Beena rated it it was amazing. The result is the protagonist Shrimati, marrying Shrikant despite the problems that she would have to face, the chief ones being – hostility from his family is she is not the daughter-in-law they would have liked, not only because she is not wealthy, but also because of a family feud going back many decades, and secondly, she has to give up her career aspirations.

In this book, the way she uses the Bakula flower to convey such intense emotions is nothing if not beautiful. It is a wonderful book! Amidst family protest the two get married and shift to Mumbai. Summary on the book cover gives you a fair idea of what the story is but only by reading it do you understand the emotions filled in to the story.

And many hoped that Shriman might have had a change-of-heart and maybe would have started paying her attention again. The author beautifully describes their love, the A very simple yet powerful story.

They are neighbours, share the same surname but their families do not get along with each other. The meetings at the bakula tree that actually named the book and the way Shrikant told her that she can ask for Siddhartha, their third child while actually proposing for marriage.

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This goodness on her part is not acknowledged.

Unfortunately, the couple is unable to have a child due to a rare disorder. But I think that Shrimati did right by sort-of ending her marriage as there was no scope of Shriman having change-of-heart he was way too deep into his work and ego, and had grown too much away from his wife-emotionally Account Options Sign in.

That book had no concrete ending too and the life fallw there was too bleak. I believe every women in her 20’s, specially someone about to be married, in the Indian society needs to read this and to understand the book.

Shrimati falls ill when her husband is abroad. They both get married and start their live together in a new city. Shrimati loves History so chooses t Introduction: He paid little or no attention to his wife and her concerns and would always drive away the idea of going to Hubli whenever she insisted. We feel our life is important, but do we give such respect to lives and choices of the people around us?

Falla pressure and rage inside srimati intensified. They are not a great literary treat but her story telling is simply riveting.

Gently Falls the Bakula | Sudha Murty | Book Review

The novel ends with Shrikant looking back at his domineering self, and how cruel he was to his wife by not giving her due. Members Reviews Popularity Average rating Conversations 55 33.

She had given up her ambition, the first love of her life, history. They hail from a small town in Karnataka,are neighbours and their families are involved in an ancient feud.

Add to Your books. But one day, while talking to an old professor, she starts examining what she has done with her life and realizes it is dismally empty.