Accordingly, Grameen Bhandaran Yojana, a Capital Investment Subsidy Scheme for Construction / Renovation of Rural Godowns was. Rural Godown Scheme (RGS) or Gramin Bhandaran Yojana. The purpose of scheme include creation of scientific storage capacity with allied facilities in rural . Accordingly, Government of India has launched ‘Grameen Bhandaran Yojana’ w.e.f. The scheme has been subsumed into capital.

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The important Support for remodeling of all the non-urban centralized godowns can be limited to special godowns designed by cooperatives. Home Revised operational oyjana for Gramin Bhandaran Yojana.

Do we have subsidy facility for AP now. Hence, an important network of non-urban specified godowns shall enable little village owners to improve their having potential especially in order to sell or purchase at remunerative costs and avoid problems sales.

I am planing to construct onion Storage Go downs in Anantapur district. Repayment of Bhzndaran Bhandaran Yojana Scheme 11 years with a grace period of one year.

Agricultural Marketing Infrastructure

Details of objectives, salient features, pattern of assistance, pledge loan, etc. However, it is including the cases of cooperatives units. As everyone knows that little village owners do not have economic strength to maintain generate with them until the market costs are positive. Assistance under the scheme shall be available on capital bhanraran of construction of godown bhqndaran the cost of allied facilities like boundary wall, internal road, platform, internal drainage system, weighing, grading, packaging, quality certification, warehousing facilities which are functionally required to operate the godown.

The farmers keeping their produce in the godown shall be eligible to avail pledge loan on hypothecation of their produce.


So far my knowledge is concerned, Agriculture departmentG. Good day Can anyone pls update me if any changes in Godown Subsidy. Users can find interactive dynamic market atlas and national atlas. I am planning to take advantage of govt. I am owning a agriculture land of 10 acreas in gugal village raichur district in karnataka.

Can I get investment subsidy? If project was unable to complete within this period, a further 6 months may have given as grace period subject to the justifiable reason for delaying the project. Submitted by Madhu kumar.

As the subsidy is back-ended, eligible amount of subsidy would be initially allowed as term loan to the beneficiary. Of rural godown available only to Co-operatives. However, for specialized godowns going about 30, Metric ton potential or about 25, MT especially for Northern eastern Declares, state Sikkim and all the hilly areas in the country the government subsidy could be limited to that acceptable for potential of about 30, MT or about 25, MT especially for Northern eastern Declares, state Sikkim and all the hilly areas in the country.

The general conditions for scientific construction will be as follows: Rural godowns of smaller size upto 50 tonnes capacity will also be eligible for subsidy under the scheme as a special case based on viability analysis. Users can get information like explanation of the Act, prescription of hrameen designation, penalty of selling misgraded articles, etc.

Godowns built under the scheme shall be structurally sound on account of engineering considerations and functionally suitable to store the agricultural produce.

The entrepreneur may obtain a licence to operate the godownif required by the State Government concerned, under the State Warehousing Act or any other relevant laws. I am having a land of 02 bigha having good connected road.


Users can get detailed information on revised operational guidelines for Gramin Bhandaran Yojana provided by the Agriculture Marketing Information System Network. Assistance under the scheme will be available on capital cost of construction of godowns.

However, the Main goals of plan include development of technological storage space potential with allied features in non-urban places to meet out various requirements of village owners for saving village generate, prepared village generate, farming information, etc. Is there revised policy effected to extend the investment subsidy?

Remember that the Capacity of a godown could be decided by a business owner. My name is shyamalamma.

Revised operational guidelines for Gramin Bhandaran Yojana

Submitted by Sadhan Kumar Ba I want to know that what amount is required for this godown and how much subsidy i will get from bank or nabard or ncdc. I wanted to know what are the Bhanndaran to availing Loan and Subsidy from Banks If project could not be completed within the permissible duration, subsidy will not be available and advance subsidy may have taken back.

Conditions for Scientific Storage. So Pls guide me sir.

Gramin Bhandaran Yojana

If it is new construction, they consider for subsidy. Hi sir, I am Mrs shantha devi age 56 years. I want to make a Godwon of capacity mt.