The culture of India presents some old Hindu writings which appear in some very old documents like ‘Hasta Samudrika Shastra’, ‘Ravana Samhita’ and ‘Hasth. Samudrika Shastra is hand analysis in the Vedic tradition, a Sanskrit term that ‘ Hasta Samudrika Shastra’, ‘Ravana Samhita’ and ‘Hasth Sanjeevaniā€¯ These. Posts about Hasta Samudrika Shastra written by palmistryreport.

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The finger and mount of Mercury can tell us a lot about the temper of a person. He will lack ambition and w ill not take steps to improve his lot; in life.

When the mount of Jupiter is abnormally developed and the finger is long, the subject will be vain, selfish, conceited and tyrannical. Next we pass to lines which split up. The following are the marks and signs mentioned only by Hindu palmists; they are completely ignored by European and American palmists.

It is to strip it of its life and self-expression. Cross on the mount of Mercury indicates that the individual will die in an accident with a vehicle of fast speed.

When under the line of heart, it indicates that there will be disappointment in affections. Unfortunately the knowers and practitioners of ancient Indian palmistry are very scarce today As the question of accuracy stands in front of usit also clarify that correct prediction of some event and timing of that event makes the accuracy and this is the most important part of Indian palmistry.

Small lines are unfavourable. If the thumb is shasyra stiff and will not bend back at all, a grasping and avaricious nature is denoted. Much like acupuncture, such a system has a right to thrive within the context of its own principles, irrespective of fashionable opinions. The legs are strong and feet broad. If it is equal in length, it is neither good nor bad.


This tint shades his nails, palms, lines and mounts. A Saturnian is a purely bilious type. If there are a number of lines running on the palm, it is indicated that life would be miserable, the disposition of the subject anxious. Unless he possesses a good finger of Jupiter and other favourable signs on the palm, he will never ‘be able to be better than a mere clod of earth. Small and branched lines give a hint of troubles on the way.

Samudrika Shastra

He will have a longing to chng to life, and is not anxious to spoil his chances of improving his lot, even if this can be done at the cost of others. The Arogya or health hne, ending under the fourth finger. He begins to be a pessimist. Fingers, classified according to the tips, are of four kinds: Satsangatve nissangatvam Nissangatve nirmohatvam Nirmohatve nishchalatattvam Nishcalatattve jiivanmuktih.

When this kind of nail is shorter, it is indicative of throat troubles, such as laryngitis, asthma and bronchial troubles.

Hasta Samudrika Shastra and Jyotish in Astrology | India

Its possessor has a tongue and a brain ever active in evil ways. A strong mount of Saturn should be judged bv noting if the mount is developed, and if all the fingers incline to the second finger. A white mark on the thumb nail shows attachment. Longnailed people are less critical and more impressionable than those with short nails. This sign, if found on the life line, has been interpreted by palmists as indicative of a certain death.


We must therefore have recourse to means which depend on man. The same facts account for a particular shape and the build of the hand found in an indiviaual. He will feel nervous, shy, and awkward in the presence of strangers, and in the social field he will not com- mand respect ana recognition.

If the finger is as long as the second, optimism will characterize the subject, impelling him to diverse kinds of speculation.

The eye- brows are thick and stiff, groxving together ovej the nose and turning up at the outer ends. But it should be noted carefully and the student should find its strength, depth, and size. On opening the eyes, hot drops of tears rolled samudrija and the mother earth gave birth to Rudraksha trees.

Samudrika Shastra or palmistry | Jai Guru Dev

Spatulate tip with knots. It is the number of lines found in the palm. It might be objected that the study of hand-reading is likely to foster superstition among the students.

This is cnaracter- istic of a soldier. A close examination of lines may indi- cate the unevenness of some. This can be improved, if cured, as it is the result of bad digestion or nerves, A good colour samuudrika health.

The subject will not have the qualities indicated by this mount. When the first phalange is narrow, flat, and inclined to be pointed, and zhastra small as compared with the second phalange, a weak will is denoted.