Download Honda TRX ower’s manual online. Honda. TRX. . honda-cbf -cbxtwister-workshop-manual-english-optnopw. So, show of hands how many people on here with Twisters? google honda- This is the official Honda Workshop Manual, translated by me from Spanish: Honda CBF CBX Twister Workshop Manual English Here is a convenient chart.

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COE about 2 years more So 93 is within that requirement. Got my meter after all. Then I use Google translate to translate the terms of the items from English to Portuguese and use it to search.

Enhlish try your luck. Posted on Mar 20, emglish So eng,ish had to buy M6 nuts size 10 spanner and washer X 3 cost 30 cents for the mount. Howzit guys im a cheapie has anyone ever put used tyres thst are relatively in good condition jonda there hike.

Gear levers will have play on a brand new bike. Just added a small spacer on the one bolt on the casing, about 8mm thick Thanks for this. Thanks Hobbesfound this really helpful, due for an oil change soon. I bought my in with 24k km on the clock for R14k. Save it to your desktop. Mounted on my bike will see if it will last! The air filter are out for quite a period of time. Google Update Service gupdate gupdate – Google Inc.

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And the air filter of course. That will be my rant for the year we called If I did grind it, I’d be looking at maybe 2mm metal left at the thinnest part.


All said different bike different use. On the clock never balanced a tyre once. So after getting my Twister up too km have had alot of people tell me to go with a heaver oil due to high KM’s, problem is this does effect my performance on the bike slightly, found Motul 10w40 and am amazed at the oil, been able to take my service intervals up too km intervals, obviously i believe very strongly in changing the oil filter every change as its cheap enough to do and if it does overflow the damage is far more expensive, plus now the km intervals are close enough to the km oil filter change advised by the Owners manual.

Here’s another thing I found that’s a foam filter installed into a cut out standard filter? Around to kph? Possible to get refund for the part?

Btw, I’m not riding a Twister. These two should still be for sale http: As you can see, broken clock speedo still works accuratelysome dents in the tank a few small scrapes here and there. Thanks Ashley but on the on the blog the service manual only goes to 18k km Just repeat the pattern enlish you get to 27k km.

It is a large file, pages, and will workshkp 10 to 15 minutes to download depending in computer speed. It could be a bad connection due to corrosion in the connectors. If you are worried that it is the wrong part number, pls PM me your email and i will send the PDF file to you.

I seriously doubt any Honda or even other Kawasaki for that matter motor will have a similar issue. Oil viscosity figure and what the means. S4 need 4 pcs. Very annoying when it happens After the scan has finished, click on the Report button After that another 2 weeks for the parts to come.


My older Twisters clutch started to do that at around the same mileage, just wear and tear I guess.

I have another machine running slow and sluggish and need some assistance

For handling, twister is somewhat comparable to S4. So hav to do it myself. I can even order 4 pieces of screw and they will be sent here within 2 weeks if they had to order. When I bought mine those were already gone. Boon Siew parts support is quite crap to be honest.

Howzit guys so I got a new to me twister with km on the clock. If there is no malware found, please let me know as well. Answered on Aug 01, The max point reward for answering a question is Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk But new ones come along. HI everyone, need help, anyone know anywhere can get the model twister digital speedometer? Takes a man on a horse to pee them off. I am enjoying riding the bike.

Hallo everyoneso I believe I bought this little Gem from another member on the groupthis is a really nice bike I will be honest and tell everything that is or was broken: I have the pilot streets on, old now and great mileage ,no doubt its a good tyre Think will just change the cover