On 30th July , in Prague, a number of prominent Catholics were defenestrated and fell to their deaths ; this was the beginning of the Hussite rebellion (the. Hussite Wars, series of conflicts in the 15th cent., caused by the rise of the Hussites [1] in Bohemia and Moravia. Jan Žižka, hero of the Hussite Wars, stormed the building with several supporters and threw the burgomaster and many of the town councilors from the windows.

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The almost uninterrupted series of victories of the Hussites now rendered vain all hope of subduing them by force of arms. Since the infantry absolutely prevailed in the Hussite armies, it might be effectively covered against the charge only by the carts.

Some Hussites embraced pacifism and were not involved in the wars, which they denounced. The king’s death resulted in renewed unrest in Prague and in many other areas of Bohemia. After initial clashes, the Utraquists changed sides in to fight alongside Roman Catholics and opposed the Taborites and other Hussite spinoffs.

Musée Virtuel du Protestantisme

Today, the Czechoslovak Hussite Church claims to be the modern successor of the Hussite tradition. Many Catholics were forced out of the country. It was a regional movement that failed to expand anywhere farther. They would make sure a good portion of the enemy was in between their wagons, and then they would encircle the enemy and slaughter them. Central Europemostly the Lands of the Bohemian Crown.

Hussite Wars

The Third Crusade The Pope decreed a third crusade that was a miserable failure. Wenceslaus’ widow Sophia of Bavariaacting as regent in Bohemia, hurriedly collected a force of mercenaries and tried to gain control of Prague, which led to severe fighting. At a council meeting at Jihlava the Compactata were ratified and Sigismund was recognized as king of Bohemia. Though Sigismund had retired from Prague, the castles of Vysehrad and Hradcany remained in possession of his troops.


While fighting on the flanks and being shelled from the carts the enemy was not able to put up much resistance.

A new war began between George and the nobles, and inMatthias Corvinus of Hungary attacked Bohemia. These measures caused a general commotion which hastened the death of King Wenceslaus by a paralytic stroke in New Edition, Translation, and Interpretation”. However, the raids did not have the desired effect; these countries kept supplying soldiers to the crusade against the Hussites.

Hussite Wars – New World Encyclopedia

Quite simply, it was hussige war to which nobody came. Related movements Nondenominational churches House churches. On 5 July the compacts were formally accepted and signed at Jihlava Iglauin Moravia, by King Sigismund, by the Hussite delegates, and by the representatives of the Roman Catholic Church.

Moreover, the conspicuously democratic character of the Hussite movement caused the German princes, who were afraid that such ideas might spread to their own countries, to desire peace. Some radical Hussites advocated the sharing of possessions, absolute equality and universal priesthood. The Holy Sacrament is to be given freely in both kinds to all Christians in Bohemia and Moravia, and to those elsewhere who adhere to the faith of these two countries.

In —26 a Hussite army invaded Silesia and Hussitee, and in —30 the united Hussite forces penetrated as far as Franconia. Content in this edit is translated from the existing German Wikipedia article at [[: Beliefs condemned as heretical by the Catholic Church. He was declared a heretic at the Council of Constance and burned at the stake in for preaching against the beliefs of the Catholic Church and the sale of indulgences.


Hussites – Wikipedia

As soon as the enemy was enough morally and physically weakened the second stage of the battle has begun – that was the aggressive stage. Depending on the terrain, Hussites prepared carts for the battle, forming them into squares or circles.

The state assembly of Jihlava in confirmed the “Compacta” and gave them the sanction of law. This predominantly religious movement was propelled by social issues and strengthened Czech national awareness. On 30 Maythe Taborite army, led by Prokop the Great and Prokop the Lesserwho both fell in the battle, was totally defeated and almost annihilated at the Battle of Lipany. However the first time the defensive Wagenburg became of great importance was during the Hussite Wars in Bohemia Catholic ChurchCrusades and allies: In the end, it was an inconclusive war.

On July 5,the compacts were formally accepted and signed at Jihlava, in Moravia, by King Sigismund, by the Hussite delegates, and by the representatives of the Roman Catholic Church. Hussites were not a unitary movement, but a diverse one with multiple factions that husssite different views and opposed each other in the Hussite Wars.

The word of God is to be freely and truthfully preached by the priests of the Lord, and by worthy deacons.