Kodokan Goshin-jutsu. Toshu-no-bu (Unarmed section): 1. When held. Ryote- dori Hidari-eri-dori Migi-eri-dori Kata-ude-dori Ushiro-eri-dori Ushiro-jime Kakae- . Kodokan KATA Textbook. Nage-no-Kata · Katame-no-Kata · Kime-no-Kata · Ju- no-Kata · Kodokan Goshin-jutsu. Itsutsu-no-Kata (To be prepared). Kata Summer Course [DAY 4] Kime-no-Kata and Kodokan Goshin-jutsu. 25 Jul On the fourth day of Summer Course 1, July 18, the.

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I do hope that my rant doesn’t offend those who enjoy this kata THAT is not in the least my intention.

I don’t much care for forward throws on the street because you risk faceplanting an goshiin uke into pavement and if you fail to throw him fully you’ve pretty much given your back up. One can dissect every technique in the Kodokan goshinjutsu, but it serves little purpose to do so.

What is Jūdō?

Love seeing kids learning goshin. Views Read Edit View history. The first two groups are unarmed attacks toshu no bufrom close distance when uke holds torisand from a distance when uke punches or kicks.

Submit a new link. It has to be considered that while tori is making his defence so can uke adjust his position. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities.

I saw a recent you tube clip of this kata and the gun techniques I noticed something new. It teaches how for example, kuzushi is applied through atemi. It is that discussion that I am looking for.


No one could write that I am not a most ardent supporter of a balanced judo curriculum that includes the practice of kata.

Kodokan KATA Textbook | Kodokan Judo Institute

gosyin I do teach judo waza I dislike BUT that is not my point. I saw a lot of instances where a regular voshin nage or literally any other judo technique would flow much better and would likely work more often than the wrist locks shown.

Lets fish together and see what I can learn from you guys. If I am uke I want to remove the head or scrotum of tori in most moves. You deformalized it, you seem to teach the techniques independently and not per traditional sequenceyou do it outside and you do it in plain clothes.

I also teach and practice several different kaeshi kata that are not even kodokan kata. Want to add to the discussion? Looking at the video though we see some problems and I am sure you are aware of them: In terms of tsukkake I am well aware of its nature. With respect to CK though we do not enjoy the ,ata time dojo of jitxu pre WW11 kodokan with judoka or the pre WW11 dojo of the DNBK where the students where full time 18 hours per day bugei and budoka.


One probably has to start with that though. Hanon Sensei, I taught SD to law enforcement for a number of years. Why did uke even grasp the wrists of tori, why didn’t uke just kick tori in the groin? I have no skill in Kodokan goshin jutsu. I’ve used them a number of times ran a busy bar for a years and they work splendidly.

If you’ve never heard of it, here’s a bit of a blurb. It was intriguing because I had taught them all that.

JUDO self defence, Based from goshin jutsu judo no kata. : judo

Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Well, when I noticed my students doing newaza, I did not understand why they made such a mess of it. They all did excellent katame-waza, but their newaza sucked. I find the authors comments on this point incorrect and presumptuous. Thanks for that but I cant edit the title.

What people do not understand, is that interestingly katame-no-kata does just that in addition to other things. I can, however, defend them academically and physiologically as being of benefit to all judoka be they Olympians or recreational judoka I cant believe I am using those terms.