I will be coaching a limited number of students in You can contact me by . My goal is to help the community side of daygame here, not the business. Such blogs are still valuable moral support for guys near your level. Here’s my flags in order of collection. In all cases there was full vaginal sex.

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I might have a biased knowledge of game towards daygame. Dean September 19, at 5: Steve I were, and probably still are good friends.

So…Do Krauser PUA & Steve Jabba Have A Feud Going On? – PUA Lifestyle

Hypotaxis is the long sentences with many conjunctions and sub-clauses seen in older novels, aimed at a mass krausfr with a higher overall IQ and level of education. The basis of civilisation, and post-Industrial Revolution civilisation in particular, and what we call society is simply to make it easier for a handful of people to completely dominate the planet, which they now do. You provide far more value rkauser than I got from residencies that cost me 4digit squid.

Interested to hear your thoughts. Do you seriously think humanity would be worse off?


That is exactly what The Elements Of Eloquence does for sentence construction. Most western societies are closer to socialism than capitalism but its disguised. Of course its easier to say than to do, but this blog gives me hope and is a fantastic resource. Which kind of proves that the model works. Because your money will be made by beating them to new sales.

A bit of YHT in there for me, for kfauser. As Shakespeare set to work England was busy having the Renaissance. Is it more about having the right mindset than krausee arranging actual logistics in an optimal fashion pre-game? High confidence coupled with the late night environment, Krauser flirted her out with his funny side of life, managed to get her number and went with her back home. Some have suspected this might be a joint-publicity stunt by kraser guys in order to promote some novel pick-up product.


It was a great help and definitely pushed me to find my own style. Next I outline how to find the right girls for you and how to use cold-reading to build a mythology around each one in order to unlock your creative energies.

Your singularity Who you are for, who you are not for. Lots of content and step-by-step field reports with lots of detail. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

FAQ | Krauser PUA

He also posts infield videos of himself which often become most liked posts in his blog. There is a clearly-defined chronological progression in which you must first impose upon her with masculine dominance The Stop and then initiate a conversation The Open. As noted above, you have no claim on me. Would you recommend Primal Seduction or Mastery?


Zai March 31, at 4: My real career is lucrative. On the other hand, some people recommend instead learning how to identify the girls that are going to be interested in you through eye contact etc and thereby increasing your success rate.

I also have the issue of appearing as a sexual possibility for women. Nomad77 August 31, at It would be great to have beside the age of each one of these girls. The dead martial arts [3] insulate the students from the consequences of their unrealistic training, to create paper dragons.

I think the website now looks very good, but some sections should be actualised or removed. If you want to critique something, you should invest some time in wondering why the division of wealth is becoming ever more unjust, with a tiny elite hoarding vast amounts, and billions living in gut-wrenching poverty.


Thomas Crown — This one has only been going a couple of months but he seems to understand the Game and how to write about it. Quite unexpectedly, she offers him sanctuary in the attic of her apartment, rented out from the spinster Trudie Stern who lives on the ground floor. Hence I have a few black, arab and pakistani friends. More qualified than any economist. What, you already did that, with 39 of them?

Personal responsibility, doing your own digging to find info, all valid, and to krausser expected coming from any self made man. Although I have found that PUA attracts a certain reactionary mindset, which is a shame as it merely encourages people to defend a status quo that they barely understand, if at all, and which does not benefit them in the slightest!

Now the lesson of the Black Death is pretty simple: Does the book go into this? Just stop that girl walking down the street and tell her what it is about her that made you want to do that. So your marketing should be pia about this story — explaining and showing all this hot ass you gamed during the day.

Andrew November 3, at No other PUA is in my uncharted territory. But why the arrogance? I think karuser Nordic model is based on two things: