“Il y a cet entassement des corps dans le wagon, cette lancinante douleur dans le genou droit. Les jours, les nuits. Je fais un effort et j’essaye de compter les. Le grand voyage (Folio t. ) (French Edition) eBook: Jorge Semprun: Amazon. : Kindle Store. Buy Le grand voyage by Jorge Semprun (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders.

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Recipients of the Mondello Prize. Special award of the President: What happens when an immovable object meets an unstoppable force?

Structurally, The Long Voyage is essentially a kind of Proustian Arabian Nights, if you will allow me this ridiculous phrase, where, instead of stories-within-stories, we encounter memories-within-memories, memories, like bodies in a boxcar, stacked on top of each other. When fascism followed him there a short while later, he joined the French resistance and was taken prisoner by the Nazi occupation forces.

It was very abrupt and vague, and left the reader to surmise their own opinion of what exactly was being communicated largely through dialogue. In other words, the unreal becomes real. There is a section when the prisoners go into the village after the Germans had retreated He describes the temporary holding prison where the names of distant concentration camps are spoken of in whisp Gasping for breath in a cattle truck occupied by other men, a young Spaniard captured fighting with the French Resistance counts off the days and nights as the train rolls slowly but inexorably toward Buchenwald.


Single Prize for Literature: And what he frequently hears are screams and murmurs, complaints and threats. All these entwined “flashbacks” will always follow him until the end. The car is unloaded as if wood was being transported. Published March 29th by Harry N. Lorenzo Pavolinisec. Irene Chiassec. His reading of Primo Levi has obviously been seminal here.

Jorge Semprún

On the one hand, the writing is very meandering and confusing, which makes the book very hard to read. Of course it is a difficult read, of course at times it rips your heart out. Roberto Cazzolater. Translated from the original Spanish, the prose is simple, undemonstrative and superbly crafted.

It was very upsetting The author inserts many philosophical ideas. Bodies who never recover but are propped up so their rations can be collected. And these people, who are hurtling towards their death, would like to live, at least a little bit longer, thanks very much.

The work recounts his train journey and arrival at the concentration camp. On the other hand, it’s a first-hand account of a concentration-camp survivor, which makes this book important.

Giorgio Falcoter. Jerusalem Prize Ovid Prize Milo De Angelister.

Jorge Semprún – Wikipedia

Semprun used to recite this to himself as an insurance against conceit. Feb 27, [P] rated it really liked it.

It I’ll not be giving this book a star-rating, because it’s impossible to rate. Sep 15, Ryan Mishap rated it really liked it Shelves: The narrative weaves back and forth between his pre-war life, the trip to Buchenwald and his liberation and “repatriation” to France.


We took a bus from Weimar. This book, more than any other ovyage recent memory, has stoked my rage against and contempt for the right-wing idiots that are running around out there, having learned nothing or, even worse: No, I will finish with something about memory.

Want to Read saving…. In chilling detail, the trip with those men – some fearful, some defiant – is evoked, along with his own confusion, anger, gradn bitter resignation.

As between literature and life, then, he chose “a long cure of aphasia, of voluntary amnesia, in order to survive. Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. Gasping for breath in a cattle truck occupied by other men, a young Spaniard captured fighting with the French Resistance counts off the days and nights as the train rolls slowly but inexorably toward Buchenwald. Unfortunately, the guy from Semur dies before their arrival and the rest of the story is more lackluster.

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