Hout-Louis – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Download Hout-Louis Share Embed Donate. Report this link. Short Description. Download Hout-Louis Description. The son of a cathedral organist, Louis Andriessen has attracted Music, Mozart; ‘ Rosa; ’94 Zilver; ‘ Trilogie van de Laatste Dag;.

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Reinbert De Leeuw says: Impressed by Terry Riley’s minimalist work, which had recently been premiered in Holland, he began work on De Volharding, “the first minimalist piece by any Dutch composer”, he says.

I think this has now become part of the Dutch way of performing. Now generally regarded as the foremost contemporary Dutch composer, and the first in the Netherlands’ musical history to gain notoriety beyond its borders, he still has the power to shock and challenge: It has even been credited with persuading Richard Nixon to cut Holland from his European tour that year.

His mother was a pianist and his father, Hendrik Andriessen, was conductor and organist first at Utrecht Cathedral and later in The Hague. Berio says, “I’m not interested in preaching ideas or ideology. His musical ideas are equally stubborn and dearly held. Although the whole work is in principle a strict canon, the successive voices are so close together that it is more like a unison melody with ramifications.

Symfonie Voor Losse Snare. Andriessen went on to produce a number of other progressive works for the group: His composition teacher Kees van Baaren was a staunch supporter of the lous revolution that had swept Europe and under andriesden direction Andriessen produced “some of the first serial lojis ever written in xndriessen Netherlands”, van Baaren says.


It’s tugging at my arm, but in the wrong way. Peter Schat anrdiessen says it was a bit of an ideological and musical mess, “blocking natural composition development in Holland for a long time”.

Louis’s childhood was immersed in music. Trilogy of the Last Day.

Louis Andriessen

So, Berio was the only logical choice. Though he now seems keen to shake off the “political composer” tag, he is equally keen to make clear that he has never indulged in property ownership: Known anxriessen a left-wing composer in the s, his controversial work leapt out of the confines of concert hall or opera house and into the debating chamber of the Dutch parliament, where questions were asked about the justification for state funding of his “Marxist opera” Rekonstructie.

And he is working on his next opera, based on the story of the Armenian goddess Inanna, to be premiered in Holland in M is for Man, Music, Mozart.

And most important, he knows how to weave the seed of an idea into music almost seamlessly, which gives the work its urgency. But though the scare has forced him to abandon cigarettes and adopt a more healthy life-style, it doesn’t seem to have affected his output or hectic schedule.

The music is certainly very dark and disturbing, but there is a nervous energy about it that draws you in.

Hout-Louis – Free Download PDF

Dat gebeurt in Vietnam Composer. M is for Man, Music, Mozart Composer. Rosa’s horses – suite Composer.

One thing my father always said was: Performances Popular All Recommended. Collaborative works with other artists include a series of dance projects, the full length theatre piece De Materie created with Robert Wilson for the Netherlands Opera, and three works created with Peter Greenaway. La Commedia, Parts 4 and 5 Composer. I really find that very difficult to listen to. La Commedia, Parts 4 and 5. De Stijl final section. But now people feel we have one called Louis Andriessen.


Ironically, he happened to be working on a piece around the theme of death: Artists Popular All Recommended. June 6,Utrecht. Dutch musical life is based around performance. Find out more about our use of this data.

Hout – Louis Andriessen ()

He has tackled complex creative issues, exploring the relation between music and politics in De Staatthe nature of time and velocity in De Tijd and De Snelheidand questions of mortality in Trilogy of the Last Day.

When premiered at the Netherlands Opera inin Robert Wilson’s esoteric production, audiences were baffled and beguiled. It was an amazing, thundering noise. Musically and philosophically the Plato-inspired De staat —6 represented a new beginning.

By now, he was becoming well-known in musical circles and in he conducted his work Ittrospezione III at the Concertgebouw. We never had a composer the rest of the world could remember, such as Grieg in Norway or Smetana in Czechoslovakia, and that has a big negative influence on composition in Holland.

The work is perhaps one of the composer’s most elegiac, but it is shot through with slithery orchestration and punctuated by grinding tape-loops and recorded explosions, provided by a bank of blinking electronics.

Julia Wolfe and Mark Stewart. The libretto, by film-maker Peter Greenaway, sounds equally uncomfortable in the mouths of the young singers: His grandfather had been music director and organist at St Josef’s church in Haarlem.